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Reviewing the Chiefs Quarterback Performance in Loss to Vikings

Yesterday, I talked about which quarterback I thought would improve, which one wouldn't and which one would stay the same.

Here are the stats from last week.  Here are the stats from yesterday.

Following the Kansas City Chiefs 17-13 loss to the Minnesota Vikings, it looks like I got it right

Most likely to improve: Matt Cassel

Last week, 2/5 for 40 yards and no scores was a tame, even weak performance.  With extended playing time, Cassel did two things I liked:

1. Scrambled Thigpen-style

2. Found Bowe (when it counted)

The one touchdown pass from Cassel to Bowe is what we all wanted to see.  Right?  Definitely the quarterback that improved the most and proved to be the best quarterback on the field last night.

Least likely to improve: Brodie Croyle

Croyle falls into this category almost by default since Thigpen's not playing but he did set the bar pretty high.  The Tweet heard 'round the world is probably a faint Twit (? I don't know either) at this point.

I really don't think Croyle was ever pushing Cassel for the job (or else Croyle would be taking more time with the first team).  He wants to solidify himself as the No. 2 QB. 

5/10 for 41 yards and no touchdowns is similar to Cassel's play last week - tame and/or weak.

Most likely to stay the same: Tyler Thigpen

I guess this is true.  Thigpen didn't play last night.  While we're not completely sure what happened, an injury, if there even is one, doesn't appear to be serious.

Problem for Thigpen is that Matt Gutierrez isn't going down quietly.  He went 8/13 for 68 yards.  You can argue Thigpen's value went down and Gutierrez's went up after last night. 


The only depth chart change I would watch, at this point, is Gutierrez and Thigpen.

Pioli and Co. brought Gutierrez in for a reason.  They obviously thought he has some potential, now the question becomes does that outweigh Thigpen's spot on the team.

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