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Which Chiefs QB is Most Likely, Least Likely to Improve v. the Vikings?

This just in: My company does indeed expect its employees to work after 2:00 PM on a Friday.  Terrible, isn't it?  Be careful, your office might expect the same thing.

Anyway, as we continue to count the hours until the kickoff of the Kansas City Chiefs game at the Minnesota Vikings, I want to pose another simple question.

Will the Chiefs quarterbacks improve over their performance from last week?

Player Completions Yards Touchdowns Interceptions
Matt Cassel 2/5 15 0 0
Brodie Croyle 12/18 145 0 0
Tyler Thigpen 7/14 40 1 1

Most likely to improve: Matt Cassel

He'll play more, for one, but also I think they'll give him an opportunity to play better.  My guess is that Dwayne Bowe will see significant action with Cassel in there and they'll develop some sort of connection.

Maybe it won't be much.  But I'm predicting at least one play, maybe a couple, that shines some light on the connection we hope to see between those two this year.

Least likely to improve: Brodie Croyle

Why?  Because he played a pretty good game last week and his career has been defined by inconsistency.  Not a knock against the guy, it's just that maybe he set the standards too high.

Plus, with my previous prediction that Cassel will see more time with Bowe, Croyle will have one less weapon to work with.

Most likely to stay the same: Tyler Thigpen

Oh, Thiggy.  You make things happen. You put points on the board. Frankly, you might be the most exciting player on the field.  Except....

The reason you're fun to watch might also be your downfall.  The scrambling certainly creates opportunities for the offense, but it does the same thing for the opponent.  A 50% completion percentage last week isn't too far off from the 54.8% career average.  And a 1:1 touchdown to interception ratio isn't too far below the career average.

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