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2009 Training Camp Passes Without an Appearance From the Chief Pope


Update: Title change. Pope is much more appropriate.

Way back in 2007, I came across this picture of a Kansas City Chiefs fan watching the first day of training camp in River Falls, WI. I've always wanted an excuse to post this picture since people started actually reading Arrowhead Pride. I don't exactly have one now, except to say that training camp at River Falls attracted a unique type of football fan it seemed and now that's its over, I want to remember these types of fans.

I'll miss thinking about the Chiefs heading up north for camp each year. I'm one of those people who get into that idea of team camaraderie and I think a training camp away from home, in the dorms, adds to a lot to that.

Like Joel said in an earlier post, if you find some good pictures in the UW-RF Chiefs photo gallery (click the archives too), post 'em in the comments.

Where do you even find an outfit like that? Definitely custom made.

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