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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Just Needs a Little Patience

We've got another Matt Cassel video from the Kansas City Chiefs official site.

Here are some of the topics he covers:

  • His preseason play last week
  • Satisfaction level with training camp
  • Brett Favre (of course) and Tom Brady
  • the status of the Chiefs playbook

Transcript/notes are after the jump...Oh and the song reference in the title should be really easy to get...

Q. Is there more to this situation, the new team, being a new QB, than you expected?

A. Not really. I was in this situation for 16 games last year. So it's not any different than what I expected it to be. I know the role and I'm comfortable in it. Nothing has changed from my preparation or how I go about my business. It's the same pretty much week in and week out for me.

Like anything else, it's a process though. It's a new team, new faces, new coaching staff, new playbook. So it's a process like anything else.

Q. Generally, how do you think you've thrown the ball. I've seen moments of frustration. How do you think it's gone?

A. So far so good. There are good days as an offense and there are bad days as an offense. All and all, I feel comfortable with where I'm at. This is what preseason is for - to learn what you're going to keep going into the season. What routes are good for certain coverages. And we'll move forward in that way.

Q. Before camp started, if someone told you, "This is how camp is going to go for you," would you be happy with that?

A. I feel like we're making a lot of progress as a team and as an offense. Like I said, we're getting a lot of stuff thrown at us right now. We're trying to put a lot in and see where we're at as a team, to see what we can handle offensively.

And especially from the quarterback position, where we're putting a lot on our shoulders. Are we going to be a running team? Are we going to be throwing team? There are a lot of plays going in each and every week.

Q. Who influenced your career the most?

A. It's hard to say. At any given point in my career and my life, there have been people that have influenced me. Obviously, my family members play a huge role in my life. Whether it's my dad, my mom, my brothers, my sister. And as I moved to high school there were high school coaches, mentors. And as I went into college it was the same thing.

Two people that stand out most recently are Ken O'Brien, my quarterback coach for a long time. He's a guy I look up to. Tom Brady is obviously a guy who has mentored me over the last four years.

Q. How has Tom Brady taken you under his wing?

A. It's just one of those things, as a young quarterback in the league. You hope there is a guy who is there to look after you and teach you the way. And he's a professional in every sense of the word. He was really able to teach me how to prepare off the field and on the field, the film room and also those leadership qualities that you need.

Q. What are your feelings on Brett Favre coming back?

A. I think it's always exciting to play against a guy like Brett Favre, who's an icon of the game, especially at the quarterback position, a guy I grew up watching. And to come back and play against him again will be exciting. My first start ever as an NFL quarterback was against Brett Favre, which is pretty cool to say. It's great. I think people are excited about it and it brings energy to the game.

Q. Obviously, the team wants to protect you but you would like to play more in the preseason or not?

A. It's not up to me. I'll play as long as they want me to play. That's part of what we do. We'll go out and we'll play. When they tell you you're done, you're done. That's part of the deal.

Q. Have they said anything about how much you'll play?

A. They haven't. I was pretty limited in the first game and we'll see what we do tomorrow night. Again I don't make those decisions. I get ready to play four quarters and if I play four quarters, great. I'm they tell me I'm down after one quarter, then that's what it is.

Q. Even though it's the preseason, is there a sense of urgency that you need to get things done, after four series no points last week?

A. There's always a sense of urgency in the preseason. You're trying to go out there and score some points and have some production. And at the same time, we're also trying to look at some things. As a coaching staff last week, I think they really wanted to run the ball and see what we can do running the ball and we'll see what we do this week.

I don't know exactly what the game plan is going to be but we'll find out. There's always a sense of urgency.

Q. You would probably be in Webster's next to "Patience." Is there any impatience now, let's stop experimenting? Let's just get going and moving with this thing?

A. I'm impatient person by nature. You kind of have to be patient though. It's a process. Like I said, it's a new coaching staff, there's new players. As we move forward and go into the season, we're still trying to figure out what our identity is going to be. So there has to be some patience in terms of who we're going to be, who are the eleven guys on the field and go that direction.

Q. You took some sacks last year in New England. You put a lot of that on yourself, maybe holding on to the ball too long. So you came here and said "I need to do a better job getting rid of the ball." Do you feel like you're rushing things from time to time?

A. Not really. Like I said, there are going to be times when the defense just gets you and they make good plays out there. Especially at this point in the preseason, with guys going against the same offense. Guys are starting to jump routes, catching signals. There are going to be days when they beat us.

All and all, I've been working to get the ball out quickly and it's been going well. That's just part of it.

Q. Is there a percentage you could say of how much offense has been put in?

A. I really. can't. The playbook continues to expand. You'll have to ask Coach Haley and Chan about that and what direction they're going to go.

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