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She stands in front of her son’s grave, at the bottom corner of an open-air mausoleum in South Florida. Sometimes she speaks to him, sharing stories about holidays and family business and his children. But always, before she leaves, Edith touches the oval photograph of Derrick Thomas, No. 58 for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Finally, Hall of Fame arrives for Derrick Thomas From the KC Star


Waters admitted during minicamp that he wasn’t in football shape, saying that he believes in putting the "off" in offseason. Waters will get his chance today to prove his conditioning level during Haley’s test, which is expected to be similar to the brutal exercise the Chiefs endured at the end of offseason drills.

Haley ready to rebuild Chiefs From NewsOK


Is Kansas City Coach Todd Haley all about passing? You wouldn't think that if you looked at the care package he recently got from his mom.

In it were a collection of plays he drew up as a kid, mostly classroom doodles, when his dad, Dick Haley, was assembling those great Pittsburgh Steelers teams of the 1970 as their director of player personnel.

Haley runs Chiefs From LA Times

As the original American Football League clubs celebrate their 50th anniversary this season, the writers who cover their modern-day NFL counterparts have been asked to select an "All-50" roster for our particular team. This is my latest entry into the series of articles.

Kansas City Chiefs All-50 team: defensive line From The Examiner


"Then he went over and Gary Clark was coming off the field and he tried to get him to stop and sign something and Clark just blew right past him.

"I’ve always remembered that happening and that’s why I try to sign for everybody, no matter how long it takes. I don’t want some kid to be standing there feeling like me and my brother did that day."

Such is the other side of L.J. that frequently is forgotten with his antics off the field, his angry comments or his frowning demeanor.

A Comfortable L.J. … Sunday Cup O’Chiefs From Bob Gretz


Besides running back Jamaal Charles and rookie wide receiver Quinten Lawrence the Chiefs have no speedy game breakers on their offense.

Which brings me to my main question why is a former first overall pick of the 2001 NFL Draft, three time pro bowler with 4.3 speed and the ability to throw the football out of the stadium still sitting on the free agent market?

The Case for Michael Vick to be a KC Chief From NFL Gridiron Gab

And now your playersTwitter Updates:

Fryar341st day of 2 a days...went real well....grindin out here!! Shout to big bro Bowe!! LETS GET IT!!

dbowe82Me and Lil bro London. Killed it dis mourning. I'll update you all whenever I get a chance.

ToonIconone down a gazillion more to go! wasnt bad...only one practice tommoro.....then ima chill out n watch world series of poker

superdj56sitting here iceing my legs b4 i go to bed...hard good day of practice.

Your Clark Hunt update via a Twitter report.

alexmarvez: 1 more chiefs thing: team owner clark hunt biked 37 miles this morn. calves are shredded. unlike some chiefs, he'd pass conditioning test

The team's shopping habits?

spidermonkey25: Pretty sure I saw half of the KC Chiefs team at Target. Too bad I don't care.

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