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Why Dwayne Bowe Will Not Be Traded From The Chiefs


I'm late getting online today and and I found myself a bit surprised when stumbling across some of the buzz going 'round. The idea that the Chiefs would trade Dwayne Bowe is ridiculous.

Of course, it's fun to surmise which moves might take place or might not. It's almost as entertaining as game day - the back and forth around the NFL draft, the opening of free agency, etc. We love every rumor because it's fodder for discussion, so I recognize that the consideration of Bowe as the newest member of the Jets is at least fun to discuss. But let's be honest about any level of substance behind the talks.

National Football Post is talking about, the radio stations are talking about it and at least some reporters are tweeting about the whole thing (I hate that word). Yet it makes absolutely no sense for the Chiefs. The reasons:

1. In an off-season where you've already alienated some of your fan base by removing team icon Tony Gonzalez, you can't afford to lose another.

2. Your new head coach loves his skill position players and works best when given the best options. Trading the best receiver on the team goes contrary to this. Maybe if we had a defensive minded coach, but not now.

3. The one place with greater needs than ANY other position on the team is wide receiver. The Chiefs have signed three veterans already in Bobby Engram, Amani Toomer and Ashley Lelie. We've also worked out others like D.J. Hackett. It's ridiculous to think that the same front office scrambling to fill the position with everything but the kitchen sink would turn around and trade their best player at the same position.

4. The response of Bowe to the tutelage and demeanor of Haley finally seems to be setting in with Bowe's recent success in the Texans game.

5. Bowe costs us peanuts for the numbers he produces. You don't trade that if you're a savvy front office.

So it's fun to discuss but there's really no merit to Bowe going anywhere.

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