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What Kind of Player Will Ashley Lelie be with the Chiefs?

WR Ashley Lelie (17) battles DB Londen Fryar (34) in yesterday's training camp practice (Photo via <a href="">UWRF</a>)
WR Ashley Lelie (17) battles DB Londen Fryar (34) in yesterday's training camp practice (Photo via UWRF)

I'll admit it. I was excited, to a degree, when the Kansas City Chiefs announced the signing of Ashley Lelie. At this point, there really isn't a dedicated speed guy on the roster who has shown, at times, he can be productive. That's the way I approached this signing, and most signings - is he an upgrade?

I think he's an upgrade. Will he solve the Chiefs problems? A complement but not the entire solution.

In latest vlog, Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star answers the question: Will Ashley Lelie solve the Chiefs problems?

"The answer to that is no, Teicher says. "He's not going to be all by himself the answer to the Chiefs problems. Best case scenario he can help the Chiefs and be part of the solution."

"He is a fast guy, and if he's still got his speed, he can run down the field and make some big plays down the field."

There's that speed word. Yes, Lelie was, and maybe still is, a fast receiver but the fact still remains that he's 29 years old and things like speed usually don't get better with age. So, if Lelie's losing or lost a lot of his speed, will he even make the 53 man roster? With limited information on him so far in Chiefs camp, this is a valid question.

I think he's competing with a couple of wide receivers who are probably in the same category as him.

Devard Darling has been tabbed, at times, as the "speed" guy. Problem is, he's never caught more than 20 balls or gained over 350 receiving yards in a season. Is it really fair to apply that "speed" label to him? Speed only takes you so far and Darling hasn't demonstrated an ability to return results. That's not to say that he can't, but he hasn't done so in five years in the NFL.

Quinten Lawrence is another fast receiver. He's been working out a lot with the return team so he may have a shot on special teams. But we can't reasonably expect big results from a sixth round WR in year one? Down the road? Maybe. But not in year one.

That leaves Lelie. Do I expect him to solve all the problems? Of course not. But I do think he'll make the team.

Teicher then says about Ashley, "Don't expect him to solve the problem all by himself. The problem will have to be solved by a lot of guys including Ashley Lelie and Dwayne Bowe.

So, the question I ask to you is will Ashley Lelie be part of the problem or the solution for the Chiefs receivers?

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