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Todd Haley Talks Right Tackle, Quarterbacks and Receivers

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley talked with the media following today's practice.  We've already given you his reaction to the new player in Minnesota.

He was also asked a question that, from the outside looking in, seems simple. 

Has Matt Cassel been the best quarterback at camp?

"I’ll hold out on answering that right now."

Well, either he has or hasn't.  GM Scott Pioli said, just yesterday, of course they expect Cassel to be the starter, thus the contract.  But he was quick to point out that the best player will still play.

Throughout the offseason, Cassel has received nothing but praise nearly every person in the organization, including the head coach.  This is the first time he's really wavered in that regard.

It's certainly not criticism, so I won't look much into it now. 

Haley talked about Barry Richardson (new RT?), Dwayne Bowe (back with the first team?) and WRs going over the middle.  After the jump are some highlights.  You can view the full transcript here.

Q: What are your thoughts on Barry Richardson?

HALEY: "Think Barry has a chance. He’s a guy who used the off-season program to his benefit. Lost more weight than anybody else in the entire off-season program, got himself in condition, got himself much stronger which he is continuing to work on. He should continue to get stronger as we go forward. He’s made progress daily, not without some ups and downs. It’s not picture perfect, by any means – a work in progress - but I think he’s created some competition at the right tackle position."

Q: Is Dwayne Bowe back in good standing with you?

HALEY: "I thought today was another good practice. He showed up some. He’s making progress."

Q: Earlier in the day you said Q. Lawrence was afraid going across the middle. Is there a tendency for players to do that?

HALEY: "Most everybody is afraid and that comes with the territory of being an NFL receiver. I mean you’re going to have to go places that probably aren’t too comfortable. Again, it goes back to a couple of days ago and what I expect from a receiver group. They pride themselves specifically on making the tough catches. To me a tough catch is a slant with a linebacker flying out who’s going to hit you in the mouth, an end cut with a safety looking you up and between the hashes. He’s had a couple of balls between the hashes that he hasn’t quite exhibited or shown what I want to see so that’s got to change. There have been great receivers who have admitted they’re scared."

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