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New Chiefs WR Ashley Lelie Comments After First Practice

Ashleylelie1_mediumThe newest member of the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver corps spoke with the media following his first practice with the team this morning.  Former Broncos and Raiders WR Ashley Lelie was officially acquired this morning.

There's no video (yet?) but the transcript comes from the Mothership. Here are a few highlights:

Q: You don’t feel like it’s too late for you to be able to get into the mix?

LELIE: "I don’t think it is. Especially with the coaches bringing me in, they must not think so either. They think I have a pretty good shot."

Q: How long do you figure it will take you to get to know the playbook?

LELIE: "A couple days. Especially with the way camp is and the way everything is kind of drilled on you so hard, you can’t help but to absorb it. Everybody kind of runs similar concepts, they might not call it the same, but once you see it on the field and through the pictures, and start putting the process together, you can just put a different label on it. It shouldn’t be too hard picking up the plays.

Q: What has time been like while you’re waiting to try out for team? What did you do to stay in shape?

LELIE: "Running whenever I can. I’ll go play basketball. Whatever I can do to keep that competitive edge, I’ll do. It’s kind of hard when you’re by yourself, to motivate yourself to keep running while you’re waiting for that call. You just have to stay hungry and be ready."

Click here to read the entire interview.

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