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Chiefs Vs. Texans Second Half Thread

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Texans are topping the Chiefs 13-3 at halftime. Here are the stats we're concerned with:

  • Matt Cassel: 2/5, 15 yards
  • Brodie Croyle: 5/8, 62 yards

Larry Johnson was only in for a few minutes.  He took four handoffs for 12 yards - nothing special.

Surprising part of the first half is Dwayne Bowe's first action coming with about four and a half minutes in the second quarter.

I'm keeping an eye on the sidelines from my view.  Let me tell you, Tim Krumrie is going 100+% at all times.  The man is fired and it looks like, at least at times, the defensive line is responding. But, just like last year, there hasn't been much consistency.