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Chiefs Ring of Honor is a Loss, but New Hall of Honor is a Major Gain

621-arrowhead_me_08132009_jat_149fYesterday I vented about the loss of the Chiefs' Ring of Honor.  There's a lot of history and tradition there so I don't think it was much of a surprise that some folks wouldn't take to the change very well.

(Photo via Kansas City Star)

After posting, I received a note from one of the folks that's been working on the Ring of Honor's replacement - the Hall of Honor.  Michael MacCambridge has been involved in the development of the new area dedicated to remembering the legacy of the greatest Chiefs' players and moments.

Mr. MacCambridge wanted to give us a little more information to ensure us that, while the Ring of Honor might be a loss, there's an appropriate replacement coming soon (in 2010).

Below are Mr. MacCambridge's words on the new Hall of Honor:

"I agree that the Ring of Honor is a loss, but I think it needs to be put into a proper perspective with what's being gained, come 2010. That is a magnificent Hall of Honor that does more than give a list of greats, but attempts to vividly explain WHY those players were great and what they meant to the franchise.

"Every week we get closer to completion, I get more excited about what it can become. There will be areas on each of the franchise's championship seasons, the greatest games and plays in franchise history, the history of the AFL, inductees into Canton, and individual display cases -- with busts, photographs, biographical info and historical write-ups -- on each and every member of the Chiefs Hall of Honor.

"The idea is that Sherrill Headrick and Curtis McClinton won't just be names on a slap of cement, but will take their rightful place in the  larger story of the Chiefs' rich history. And rather than being something that's cloistered in a room, it will be a vibrant part of the main concourse, something that fans will be able to access both on game days and year round."

Mr. MacCambridge also mentioned that Clark and the rest of the Hunt family have an interest in the final product - not just the look of the Hall of Honor, but what's inside as well.

"One of the best things about this project has been seeing that the caretakers of the franchise are as concerned about the team's legacy as a lifelong football-silly fan like me," MacCambridge said,.

Maybe that's why Clark Hunt received a 95% approval rating in our latest poll.  Many thanks to Mr. MacCambridge for the information.

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