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Chiefs Fans, It's Time to Fill Arrowhead


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This weekend the Kansas City Chiefs will kick officially kick off the preseason against the Houston Texans on Saturday night, 7:00 PM, in the best stadium on the planet.  

This isn't just another preseason game.  It's the dawn of a new era.  New President, new GM, new head coach, new quarterback and the list goes on and on.  That's enough change for a five year span, let alone a few months.  So, to celebrate the occassion we want you there with us.

Chris, who resides in Austin, TX, is making the trek to Kansas City this weekend.  He'll be tailgating with his Arrowhead Pride t-shirt and we want you there to do the same.  But this game also marks another special occassion and a big first for everyone who makes up our wonderful community.

Drum roll please.....(Make the jump. It'll be worth it.)

Arrowhead Pride has been granted press credentials for Saturday night's game.

The good folks at One Arrowhead Drive have been reading AP and were kind enough to grant us a little more access to feed your insatiable hunger for Kansas City Chiefs info.

We're not promising anything special. In fact, we're just learning the "press" ropes ourselves.

But what I can promise you is that we'll be covering the Chiefs' games in ways nobody ever has before.  We're just not sure how yet.

We've love to hear your ideas about how we can deliver info to you in innovative and exciting ways.  What do you want to hear and see from Arrowhead Pride's seat in the press box?

Pretty cool, huh?  We're excited.

And one more thing. THANK YOU to the Kansas City Chiefs organization for making this happen. 

I'm liking this new regime.

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