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Chiefs Training Camp Update 8/12 AM

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Updated 1:25 PM

Continuing to work in full pads, the Kansas City Chiefs' practice was cut short by 30 minutes today, presumably as a gift from Todd Haley to his players.

A few highlights from the updates we have in so far:

  • Herb Taylor is working with the 1st team at RT
  • Amani Toomer continues to be the team's standout receiver
  • Six Chiefs didn't practice this morning

More updates, after the jump.

General Stuff

  • DeMaurice Smith, who succeeded Gene Upshaw as the executive director of the NFL Players Association, is on the field watching the Chiefs practice. (Bob Gretz at CBS Sports)
  • Mike Vrabel was seen talking to Smith after practice (UWRF)
  • Chiefs coach Todd Haley gave his team a surprise this morning, cutting practice short by 30 minutes. It was the quickest practice in the two weeks the team has been in Wisconsin. (Bob Gretz at CBS Sports)
  • 16 sessions deep and this team has yet to go a day without full pads (Josh Looney on Twitter)
  • Practice started at 70 degrees and ended at 81 degrees.  78% (!) humidity.
  • Former TE Mark Bavaro was helping TEs coach Bob Bicknell today.  Bavaro will be with the team through Saturday. (UWRF)
  • This is why we love the UWRF staff: "After practice, linebacker Corey Mays dropped his mouth guard on the pavement on his way into Hunt Arena. He commented on how it was gross and talked to a trainer about the situation for a few minutes."


  • Herb Taylor is working at RT with the Chiefs' No. 1 offense in place of Damion McIntosh. (Bob Gretz at CBS Sports)
  • WR Amani Toomer drew some praise from Coach Haley yesterday and he made another two solid grabs this morning. (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Red zone work continues as the team has devoted nearly 20 minutes to the red zone passing game. (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • RBs worked on catching low thrown balls (UWRF)
  • During the first set of 7-on-7 drills, Cassel completed six consecutive throws.  Four of them to Copper and one TD (UWRF)
  • During the second set of 7-on-7 drills, Cassel completed four of six passes, including one to Darling for a TD (UWRF)
  • Croyle completed 5/6 passes during 7-on-7 drills (UWRF)
  • Thigpen went 2/4 with a TD in 7-on-7 drills (UWRF)
  • Between two QBs, three consecutive passes went to Toomer (UWRF)
  • Rodney Wright dropped an easy pass and heard it ("That's bull(crap)") from Haley (UWRF)
  • Thigpen completed a nice pass under pressure from the d-line (UWRF)
  • Albert said he has his hands full trying to stop Tamba Hali (UWRF)


  • Chiefs No. 1 draft choice DE Tyson Jackson continues to get extra work after practice with defensive line coach Tim Krumrie. Jackson is trying to make up for the week of practices he missed during contract negotiations. (Bob Gretz at CBS Sports)
  • Derrick Johnson knocked down a Cassel pass intended for Cottam during a blitzing drill (UWRF)
  • Alex Magee, Tyson Jackson and Corey Mays saw time with the first team (UWRF)
  • FA rookie alert: Londen Fryar and Jovan Belcher both knocked down passes today (UWRF)
  • On two of three plays intended for Terrance Copper, Flowers and Carr both knocked a pass down (UWRF)

Special Teams

  • We’ve seen onside kick work for the first time this camp…looks like the coaches are leaving no stone unturned heading into Saturday. (Josh Looney at the Mothership)

Injuries/Not practicing

  • Not participating in morning practice for the Chiefs: Gs Wade Smith and Tavares Washington, S DaJuan Morgan, RB Kolby Smith, ILB Zach Thomas and TE Jake O'Connell. (Bob Gretz at CBS Sports)

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