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Take a Sneak Peek of the New Mothership

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via Chiefs Twitter

Looks sharp!  This is a sneak peek of the brand spankin' new Mothership (by way of NJChiefsFan in the FanShots), or  The folks at the Chiefs official Twitter had to let us in on a quick screen shot of the site that will debut soon.  Congrats to the Chiefs team!

Although this is only a small slice, it's definitely exciting to know the folks at One Arrowhead Drive are committed to providing a top notch web experience for us freakishly obsessed fans Arrowhead Pride readers.

We don't know all the details yet, but it looks like there's a section for comments so that means some sort of social networking.

First shot of the new Mothership....what do you think?

(Note: It's gotta be better than the Mothership circa 1998, which I've attached an image of after the jump)