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The Kansas City Chiefs 2009 Unofficial Depth Chart

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From this morning's practice (via <a href=""></a>)
From this morning's practice (via

Courtesy of OCD-CHIEF, we have an "updated," "unofficial" depth chart for the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs.

This comes courtesy of this week's press release about the Chiefs' first preseason game this Saturday against the Houston Texans.

OCD-CHIEF got us the order and TheQ has famously supplied the chart you'll see after the jump. I've updated TheQ's depth chart with the info OCD-CHIEF provided this evening.

Let us know what you think.

R. Price D. Morgan
J. McGraw M. Brown
J. Page B. Pollard
Free Safety Strong Safety
P. Walters C. Smith V. Redd
T. McBride D. Williams J. Belcher
A. Studebaker
T. Hali M. Beisel C. Mays
M. Vrabel
OLB D. Johnson Z. Thomas OLB
ILB ILB J. Bates
D. Gales D. Washington
L. Fryar
A. Magee D. Lokey B. Greenwood T. Daniels
R. Colclough W. Gilberry T. Tyler T. Jackson M. Leggett
B. Carr G. Dorsey R. Edwards
A. Boone
B. Flowers
Cornerback Def. End Nose Tackle Def. End Cornerback
Wide Receiver Tackle Guard Center Guard Tackle Tight End Wide Receiver
D. Darling B. Albert B. Waters R. Niswanger M. Goff D. McIntosh B. Cottam T. Copper
M. Bradley H. Taylor W. Smith E. Ghiaciuc T. Washington B. Richardson S. Ryan A. Toomer
B. Engram
C. Goldberg D. Harris B. De La Puente C. Brown
J. O'Connell D. Bowe
Q. Lawrence T. Crabtree T. Johnson
R. Wright Slot Receiver J. Webb
B. Engram Quarterback
Q. Lawrence Fullback M. Cassel Tailback
R. Wright M. Cox B. Croyle
L. Johnson
J. Collins T. Thigpen
J. Battle

M. Gutierrez
J. Charles KR/PR Punter
Long Snapper Kicker
D. Savage Q. Lawrence D. Colquitt
T. Purdum R. Succop
K. Smith
R. Wright

J. Williams
D. Savage