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Jay Glazer Thinks Chiefs' Cassel Has "It"

Whatever "it" is, quarterback Matt Cassel has it.  FOX Sports' Jay Glazer stopped by River Falls last week, which happens to be his favorite training camp stop in his Glaze Across America tour.  His report on the the Kansas City Chiefs camp is in: Cassel is the "real deal". 

In talking with teammates and coach Todd Haley, Cassel sees things extremely fast. Guys coming out of breaks turn and the ball is already on the location. He carries himself like he's been a 10-year starter and has a little nastiness in him too (which you guys know I love.)

Glazer noted last week's heart-stopping play when Bernard Pollard fell into Cassel's knee.  A bit eerie, considering that same fall onto Tom Brady is the reason Cassel is on the Chiefs to this day.  After the play, offensive teammates, along with Cassel, were quick to get into Pollard's face causing a mini-scuffle.

According to Glazer (and most others that have seen Cassel in Kansas City), he's developing into the unquestioned offensive and team leader for the Chiefs. 

In talking to members of the Chiefs, Glazer points out the "culture change" that we've heard so much about in Kansas City since the January 13th hiring of Scott Pioli and February 6th hiring of Todd Haley. 

One unnamed player said, "He doesn't care, he gets after everyone if they mess up.  It doesn't matter who you are. Some guys may not like that, but we respect it."

The most disappointing part of the Glaze to River Falls?  Let's just say the knock on Glenn Dorsey's offseason preparation isn't understated one bit.

Glazer reports, "Dorsey was actually up to about 340 pounds at one point" this offseason.

Despite the news on Dorsey, the news on training camp in River Falls continues to please.

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