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Brandon Flowers on Being in Shape, Chiefs Defense

610x_large_medium610 Sports caught up with Brandon Flowers after the Kansas City Chiefs morning practice today.

Flowers, a starter last year, has plenty of expectations heaped up on him this season.  The good thing is that those expectations are to continue what he did so well last year as a rookie.

Flowers talks about eating right, transitioning to the 3-4 defense and new defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast.

You can listen to the interview here.  I've also taken notes on the full interview below.

What's the biggest difference between training camp this year versus last year?

Biggest difference is that coach doesn't want us to hurt ourselves mentally.  We have to be a smart team.  Starting practice we do this five yard sprint drill trying to draw everybody offsides and we don't stop until everyone does it right. 

So, we're getting our mental aspect down and we're doing a bunch of extra running so in the fourth quarter we're going to be winning.

Are you in the best shape of your life?

Yeah, best shape I've been in in my life.  I'm enjoying it.  It feels good and it shows on the field.

Have you done anything different this year to stay in shape?

Definitely gotta eat right.  That's one thing I'd say I didn't do last year.  I ran, and I lifted to stay in shape, but I wasn't necessarily eating the right diet I needed. 

Just putting all that into one this year and planning on it helping me on the field.

What's the transition to the 3-4 like for you?

Secondary wise, it's pretty much the same as the 4-3.  But with the 3-4 you have a lot of pressure coming.  With the front seven, they'll get a lot of pressure this year with the type of blitzes we have in and the way these guys are working.

That means more picks and turnovers for you, right?

Yeah we have to turn the ball over and give it to Cassel.

Do you feel more comfortable in year two?

I'm a lot more comfortable. Last year I was just thrown in the fire and everything was just coming at me. This year I have a year under my belt and things are just moving a lot slower.  So, I plan on having a good year.

That could help you getting those snaps as a rookie, right?

Exactly.  Having a lot of plays it's just the chemistry that's going so well.  Our whole secondary starting out is the whole starting secondary last year.  So, that helps a lot that chemistry we have going on.

What's defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast been like?

Oh, we love him.  His scheme is stop the run and put pressure on the quarterback.  That's one thing the defense always loves so we can't wait to go out this weekend against Houston.

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