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Chiefs Training Camp Update 8/10 AM


Updated: 1:26 PM

The Chiefs have concluded practice number one of two today.  The second practice is tenatively scheduled for 4:30 this afternoon.

The highlight from today was the wide receivers having to catch the ball in traffic.  From reports, this was the most crowd pleasing part of the day as some of the lighter receivers, Bobby Engram and Quinten Lawrence, were de-cleated.

We've got Mr. Looney and Mr. Gretz's updates in.  We'll let you know when we update it with the UW-RF updates.

General stuff

  • Weather: 76 degrees, 64% humidity, partly cloudy (National Weather Service)
  • AM practice was in shells
  • Kent Babb of the KC Star thinks Todd Haley might be "merciless" on the team the next couple days since it's game week (kb_kcstar)
  • Practice consisted of individual drills, special teams drills and then situational drils (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Bernard Radke made the drive to Chiefs camp from Moberly, Mo., to meet up with some of his college buddies.  “A few of us like to take a week off, get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of work and family, and come up here to drink beer and watch football,” Radke said.  “We love it!” (UW-RF)


  • WRs are working on catching the ball in traffic.  They had a few nice catches but also dropped some balls with the safeties coming down on them.  Coach Dedric Ward is hitting them with a bag as they cross the middle and even de-cleated a few of them (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Bobby Engram and Quinten Lawrence had the most trouble hanging onto the ball during the catch-in-traffic drills (Gretz at CBS)
  • Quarterback Matt Cassel had a rough start to the teams 11-on-11 situational drill.  Cassel’s first three passes were all incomplete.  One of which hit the ground without a receiver in the area.  His only completion came on a third-and-eight for a first down.  Cassel was 1-4. (UW-RF)

  • In a situation with only a few seconds to go in the game on the offense leading, all Tyler Thigpen had to do was throw the ball away. He didn't. Haley said: “Tyler, how can you screw that up? All you have to do is throw it high and out of bounds!” (UW-RF)
  • Mark Bradley screwed up on a Hook and Ladder play. Haley said, “The Kansas City Chiefs just lost the game cause Mark Bradley didn’t know where he was suppose to be.  You have to explain that to your teammates!” (UW-RF)


  • The entire defense did bag work with Coach Krumrie.  Usually this is just a d-line drill (Looney at Twitter)
  • Brandon Flowers was also asked about what his diet has been like during camp.  “I’m definitely watching what I’m eating this year. Last year I really didn’t pay attention to it, but now I’m watching my diet and making sure I eat healthy and I already see it paying off.” (UW-RF)

Special teams

  • Main focus of AM practice was special teams.  The team worked in individual groups. (Josh Looney at the Mothership)
  • Kicker Ryan Succop was catching punt snaps today during the team’s special teams sessions.  Succop didn’t actually punt any balls, but was lined up as the punter.  Succop has 85 career collegiate punts. (UW-RF)


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