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Chiefs Training Camp Update: 8/1 P.M.

Chiefs players take off their equipment after the team's first day of training camp ends (via <a href="">Josh Looney</a>).
Chiefs players take off their equipment after the team's first day of training camp ends (via Josh Looney).

Updated: 9:02 PM

And that's two practices down for the Kansas City Chiefs at their 2009 training camp. Tomorrow's practice is from 2-4 P.M.

We've got the info for you grouped by offense, defense, special teams, injuries and general stuff. I think this may be the way we'll organize this info from now on. Let us know what you think about the format.

We're still waiting on the UW-RF updates and I will drop them in when they post. (They're in there now)

A couple of injuries, an LJ quote and some big plays by Brandon Flowers after the jump...


General Stuff

  • Previous years called for a helmets-only practice following all full-padded morning session. This afternoon’s shell practice is yet another example of the "new Chiefs." Coach Haley will likely follow up a full-padded day with helmets-only at some point, but this is a great way to get started on day one. (The Mothership)
  • Speaking of the grandstands…I’ve spotted a few Zach Thomas jerseys (Miami edition) and our first homemade sign of camp, "#39 B. Carr lockdown corner." (The Mothership)


  • In a 7-on-7 Chiefs passing drill, Matt Cassel was 7 of 9 with an INT, Brodie Croyle was 3 of 9 with an INT and Tyler Thigpen was 5 of 6.( Rapid Reports)
  • In a 7-on-7 Chiefs passing drill, Matt Cassel was 7 of 9 with an INT, Brodie Croyle was 3 of 9 with an INT and Tyler Thigpen was 5 of 6. ( Rapid Reports)
  • "I’m going to hit them like a bullet with some speed and not a tank," Johnson said. "I really feel good and I do feel faster." (
  • Chiefs RBs struggled in a pass-protection drill trying to block blitzing LBs. ( Rapid Reports)
  • Wide receiver Dwayne Bowe had the first dropped ball of the day in an 11-0 drill. It turned out to be a trend for the remainder of practice. (UW-RF)
  • Tight end Brad Cottam had two drops in a row when running routes against air about 20 minutes later. Rookie wide receiver Quinten Lawerence had a drop in one-on-one drills. Wide receiver Mark Bradley had a drop in the 7-on-7 drills. (UW-RF)
  • Head Coach Todd Haley got on quarterback Brodie Croyle during the 7-on-7 pass skelly when Croyle was too slow getting his unit to the line. “Offense! Let’s go. Quicker! That is too slow, Brodie!” (UW-RF)


  • In a Chiefs 7-on-7 passing drill, ILB Monty Beisel picked off a throw by QB Brodie Croyle. ( Rapid Reports)
  • CB Brandon Flowers made two big plays in Chiefs team work, blitzing the QB for a sack and knocking down a pass to WR Dwayne Bowe. ( Rapid Reports)
  • Another new drill for this camp, mainly working with interior DL/NT. Three OL vs. 1 DL/NT. Great practice shedding double teams. Some sturdy men going to war in the trenches. The GM made sure to stop by and take note. (The Mothership)
  • During a drill involving both offensive and defensive linemen, center Eric Ghiaciuc pushed defensive tackle Tank Tyler over. The crowd, including both offensive and defensive players, let out some “oooh’s” after the play. (UW-RF)
  • Linebacker Monty Biesel  was running the drill from the middle spot. Biesel was hollering and pointing in several directions, encouraging and leading his team. (UW-RF)
  • When Defensive Line Coach Tim Krumrie grew annoyed with how long Gilberry was taking, adjusting his brace, Krumrie asked, “Got the braces on? Come on, man. Let’s get those (freaking) things on.” (UW-RF)
  • During 11-on-11, players seeing time with the first-string base defense included: defensive ends Alfonso Boone and rookie Alex Magee, defensive tackle Tank Tyler, linebackers Tamba Hali, Mike Vrabel, Monty Beisel, and Zach Thomas, cornerbacks Brandon Flowers and Brandon Carr and safeties Jarrad Page and Bernard Pollard. Replacing Thomas in the first-string nickel defense was cornerback Maurice Leggett, playing the nickelback spot. (UW-RF)

Special Teams

  • As the Chiefs worked on their punting game, WRs Rodney Wright and Quinten Lawrence handled returns. Neither has returned a punt in a regular or pre-season game. ( Rapid Reports)
  • During a kick off drill, safeties Jon McGraw and Bernard Pollard and cornerback Ricardo Colclough spent time as first-string. (UW-RF)


  • Chiefs G Darryl Harris limped off the field, and trainers worked on his right leg. ( Rapid Reports)
  • LB Derrick Johnson isn’t working this afternoon, he’s riding a bike and lifting with some of the players being held out today. Johnson began practice this AM with the team, but later went to the sidelines. G Edwin Harrison also left the AM practice session early and is not participating this afternoon. (The Mothership)

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