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Chiefs Training Camp Update: 8/1 A.M.

Via <a href="">Josh Looney's Twitter feed</a>
Via Josh Looney's Twitter feed

Good morning everyone. The Kansas City Chiefs have concluded their first practice of their 2009 training camp.It was a chilly one too - 60 degrees out in River Falls. Yes, that is chilly to me here in Texas.

We have a lot more info after the jump so here are some quick hits from today's A.M. practice:

  • The pace of camp is much more intense than previous Chiefs' training camps
  • The 3-4 influence is being seen already during drills
  • G Edwin Harrison was seen sitting out of practice, with a trainer working his leg (cramps I'm guessing?)
  • Derrick Johnson was seen on a stationary bike with a trainer

Joel covered some camp stuff earlier too, namely some names on injury lists. Make sure you check out that post.

More after the jump...

Josh Looney has given us a few tweets about this morning's practice (and the picture above). Check 'em out:

  • Larry Johnson is rocking the high red socks
  • The pace of camp is "drastically" different than other camps
  • LJ got amped up after scoring a TD
  • Todd Haley: "That's one day of semi-controlled chaos."

And he has a lot more on the mothership:

  • Linebackers have seperated during drills according to inside/out, which they had not done in recent years
  • The 8 on 8 drills were pretty intense
  • Looney again says how different and how much more action is happening at these practices compared to previous years

CBS Sports has a play tracker of sorts. Here are those updates:

<a href="">Chiefs</a> <a href="">G</a> <a href="">Edwin Harrison</a> is out of practice. A trainer is working on his lower right leg.
  • Chiefs G Edwin Harrison is out of practice. A trainer is working on his lower right leg.
  • As punishment for jumping offsides during a pass rush drill, Chiefs coach Todd Haley had DE Alex Magee and DT Derek Lokey immediately run the length of the field and back -- a 200-yard penalty.
  • Monty Beisel is working with the Chiefs' first defense at ILB for Derrick Johnson.
  • In Chiefs team work, QB Matt Cassel and RB Jamaal Charles connected on a nice screen pass.
  • In a live goal line drill, RB Larry Johnson beat LB Zach Thomas to the pylon on a nice TD run.Starting Chiefs ILB Derrick Johnson is out of position drills and headed to the stationary bike with a trainer.
  • The three starting Chiefs offensive linemen who are out have been replaced by Herb Taylor at RT, Tavares Washington at RG and Wade Smith at LG.

Finally, we have updates from the UW-RF staff:

  • Defensive end Dion Gales, linebacker Demorrio Williams, defensive end Glenn Dorsey and defensive tackle Ron Edwards were not dressed in pads for practice today. They spent the majority of practice in the northwest corner of the practice fields, riding stationary bikes, jogging, lifting weights and doing other sorts of workouts. Around 9:45 a.m. linebacker Derrick Johnson joined his teammates on the stationary bikes.
  • Rookie defensive end Alex Magee was getting his fair share of praise from Defensive Line Coach Tim Krumrie. At one point Krumrie told the end from Purdue that he was doing a good job. “There ya go. Good, Alex, good,” Krumrie said.
  • “I’m looking at your eyes men. Tank, you’re looking at the ground,” Krumrie hollered. “See me!” Later, when the defensive linemen were working on some one-on-one drills, Krumrie told the men to “throw that son of a (gun).”
  • At the conclusion of practice, running backs Mike Cox, Larry Johnson, Jamaal Charles, Dantrell Savage, Kolby Smith and Jackie Battle signed autographs for eager and excited fans on the west side of the practice fields, along the fence.

And a DBowe tweet for you:

 "I'm bout to take the field. Hope you got your tickets."

We'll be updating this thread as more information comes in. The next practice is today from 4:30 to 6:30 PM.

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