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Chiefs G Mike Goff on Veterans, Experience and the Royals

4485_mediumKansas City Chiefs RG Mike Goff appeared on 810 WHB Tuesday afternoon to discuss what attracted him to the Chiefs, the importance of Super Bowl experience and Transformers.

Yes, the movie Transformers (apparently getting terrible reviews).

Goff figures to replace since departed Adrian Jones at right guard.  John over at Bolts from the Blue, our Chargers site, says Goff leaving was actually a good thing from the powder blue perspective.  San Diego ran to the left side of the line far more often than the right because of Goff’s deteriorating skills according to his analysis.

That may be true but they didn’t have Adrian Jones last year either.  Goff’s skills can be questioned but what can not is that he’s an upgrade over Jones.

Click here to listen to the interview on 810 WHB.  Or if your boss still doesn’t understand the necessary role you’ve taken in blogging while he or she is paying you, then hide the audio by reading the interview after the jump.

What attracted you to Kansas City?

When I first got out there and was talking with Scott Pioli and Todd Haley, I really bought into what they were trying to get done next year.  Just to be on a team that, having played against them for the past 5 years, I understand what kind of talent is on this team and the possibilities this team has.   And to have a chance to be on the ground floor of something special, that’s exiting. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to proving everybody wrong on where we’re ranked in a lot of things next to the Detroit Lions.

Playing the Chiefs last season:

The way I was looking at it, they should’ve beat the Chargers twice last year if you want to be honest about it. They should have beat the Chargers in San Diego and they let the lead in Kansas City get away from them.  People ask me, ‘How did the Chargers come back and win that game?’  I said that there was a lack of maturity on the other side .  That allowed us to think to ourselves ‘The game is never over’.  Especially when you bring guys like Vrabel, Zach Thomas, Bobby Engram, myself, veteran guys that have been through the fires for a long time.

The importance of veterans:

When you’ve got veterans with a group of young guys, that’s where you let guys know it’s never over.  This isn’t like college football.  When you look at our roster we’ve got a lot of young guys who are pretty much just out of college.   This isn’t where you get up by a certain amount of points where you know you’re going to impose your will and dominate them.  That’s just not how this league is.  When you’ve got guys that have been around they’re going to keep guy level headed and remind you it’s not over, let’s finish this deal and we’ll have a victory.  That’s the important thing about bringing guys with leadership.

When you’ve got good guys and bad guys….err, not good guys and bad guys, sorry I just saw Transformers.

(Editor’s note: Gives Transformers a thumb sideways.  Watched Transformers growing up and loved the cartoon growing up.  I don’t remember this cartoon movie – apparently more than a few people don’t.  Anyway, Goff recommends The Taking of Pelham 123.  He claims not to be a Trekkie, but recommends Star Trek as his top movie pick of the summer.  Hmm….)

Importance of Super Bowl experience:

Obviously, Vrabel’s won 3 super bowls, Matt Cassel has been part of that, Zach Thomas has been on some great teams, Bobby Engram has been to the Super Bowl.  When you’ve got guys that have Super Bowl experience…I’ve yet to be there, but that’s why you play the game.  The money is fine and dandy but you play to get to a Super Bowl and get a win.  I think everybody is hungry for that, especially looking at where the GM came from.  Todd Haley just came from a Super Bowl.  Monty Beisel just got back from the Super Bowl.  I think everyone is hungry to get to the Super Bowl.  When you get a core of guys that have that experience it becomes an experience.

Are the playoffs a realistic goal?

I absolutely do.  I’m old enough that I’m not going to blow smoke up anyone’s rear. I’m going to call it like I see it. I would not have taken the opportunity to come to the Chiefs if I didn’t feel in my heart this team has the talent to do something special.  The great thing about it, all these people are talking about it being a rebuilding year, it’ll take a few years…I don’t believe that.  Look at last year, there are what, like 5 games lost by less than 3 points?  You look at that….You just finish it out and score one more touchdown or whatever that’s five more games right there and who knows about the rest. 

On surprising some teams this year:

The great thing about it with no one expecting you to do great you’ve got the element of surprise on your side.  With that happening, I think this team has a lot of talent and we’re going to surprise a lot of people.  People are going to take us for granted.  That’s a great opportunity for us.  People won’t take us seriously and that’s a great thing.  When that happens you’ll beat a lot of people you aren’t expected to.

On the wide receivers and the loss of Tony Gonzalez:

I don’t think it is (a legitimate concern).  This is an opportunity for all the young receivers…if you want to make a name for yourself this is where you do it.  What better opportunity than this to step up and be the receiver you want to be.  I think when you’ve got obviously Dwayne…he’s been working hard all offseason. It’d be great if Tony Gonzalez were here but from what I’ve heard it’s a trade that’s been in the works for the past several years.  Everyone knew it was going to happen and it did.  If I’m a receiver or a tight end I’m excited about the opportunity that, you know the All-Pro tight end is gone, and this is my opportunity to shine and I’m excited about that.  I don’t think it’s a concern I just think people need to realize the opportunity they have to make an impact.  What better time to make a name for yourself than to step up now.

Previously, you’ve played for coaches like Bruce Coslet, Dick LeBeau, Marty Schottenheimer, Norv Turner.  Does Todd Haley remind you of any of them?

No, he brings a style all on his own.  You know it’s interesting when you have a first time head coach, this is my second time with Marvin Lewis being the other, you just got to get used to their style and how things are run.  The great thing about Todd is that he lets you know what is expected and this is how things are going to be run. 
When you’ve got everyone going in the right direction that’s a great start to training camp.

While in college….

I got to play with a former Chief, Casey Wiegmann, for two years.

What are you doing for the next few weeks until training camp?

Continuing to work out.  I’m out here in San Diego.  I’m relaxing with my wife and making sure that, while I’m still working out and I’m still preparing for the season, that I have enough time for myself and my family. You realize how long the season is and what kind of punishment you put your body through.  It’s a good mix of relaxing with the family and making sure you’re in shape.

Mr. Goff is becoming a Royals fan:

That is true, I actually don’t know a lot about the team, I’m just a baseball fan.  I’ve been very fortunate to have played in towns that have MLB teams.  I really like to kind of catch up on and cheer for the local team.  They got off to a great start and have kind of fallen on hard times after a little bit .  Hopefully after the All Star break they can turn it around a little bit.