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Chiefs GM Scott Pioli: 'We want wins because this town wants championships'

<em>"Todd, you wont believe it but that helmet is actually a telephone."</em>  (<a href="">Photo Source</a>)
"Todd, you wont believe it but that helmet is actually a telephone." (Photo Source)

We are 40 days from the start of the 2009 Kansas City Chiefs season.  And that means we're 40 days from beginning to judge the product the revamped front office has created along with the job the coaching staff has done with our new (and old) toys.

40 days.  It won't be that long.  Well, as long as Scott Pioli and Todd Haley talk to more media folks like they did with Brad Stephens of KCTV5.  On the 10 o'clock news last night, Mr. Stephens showed us some video of his sit down with the new GM and head coach.

What did the reporter think of the two new Chiefs in town (via Twitter BradKCTV5)?

Pioli is a great guy...ultra smart. He's the real deal. Haley is so hungry to hit the field you can almost feel the intensity.

Have we heard that before?  Kudos to Brad for securing the interviews - getting both for a sit down is a rare feat these days.  For now, a quick teaser from Mr. Pioli to get you to make the jump:

"We want wins.  Because this town wants championships.  The players want championships." 

That will never get old.  More from both men after the jump.


On the job ahead in Kansas City:

The team was 2-14 last season and 4-12 the year before.  If things were good, we probably wouldn't be here.

What will success be in 2009?

Success this year is going to be measured by being able to see the foundation being laid and seeing progress.  Truthfully, all the fans care about is the end result - wins this year and seeing an increase in wins.

The bottomline:

We want wins.  Because this town wants championships.  The players want championships.



On the possibility of winning in 2009:

i just came from Arizona where after eight years of losing we went to the Super Bowl.  We didn't pull it off in the end but that offers hope for everybody.

The job ahead:

Every morning, the way i drive in, I can see Arrowhead and the facility over the trees.  And every morning, I take a peek and say to myself, 'You have a big job ahead of you'.

Long road ahead:

Well I just told the team the other day that I think we do.  We have to be pretty close to perfect.  I think that's pretty obvious to me.

This isn't a rebuilding year:

My focus right now is right up there on the hill at Arrowhead.  if we can compete and win games at home then steal some on the road...I think we have a chance.

The bottomline:

Now we'll find out if I'm any good.

It's Game Time.

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