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VIDEO: Todd Haley on Chiefs Conditioning Test

Via the Mothership.  Here is the full Q&A.  Here are a couple of highlights:

Q: What do you like about Ryan that you didn’t like about Connor?

HALEY: "I won’t compare the two. We drafted Ryan for a reason; he’s a big, strong guy who should be pretty good on kickoffs which is important, especially when the weather starts to turn at Arrowhead. It’s an area that’s important to us.

"Now, whether it’s Ryan or Connor or anybody else out there right now, I don’t know.

Q: Larry Johnson is a guy who has said in the past that he isn’t sure what he wants to do. but yesterday he reaffirmed sort of a long term thing that, ‘yes, I’m ready to play football for the Chiefs again.’ How important is that sort of mental approach?

HALEY: "I don’t know if the actual talk is important. It’s more important for the fans out there, but I know myself as a coach I go by what I see and that’s why I said throughout the spring that guys are working, guys are here and that’s what I’m interested in, not what they’re saying, but what they’re doing.

"From my first day on the job Larry Johnson has appeared to me he’s interested in football and he enjoys working at it. So, I’m excited about it."