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Updates on Chiefs Conditioning Test

A few FanShots are starting to pop up with some of this information, and thanks for that, but I wanted to concentrate all the information on this morning's conditioning test into one spot.

One thing to note.  Coach Todd Haley said Glenn Dorsey is not expected to miss any practice with the injury that incurred.  Dorsey was wearing ice on his shin during lunch.  

Brodie Croyle has been cleared to practice.  He was rehabbing from the injury that ended his year last season.  No word yet on the status of Kolby Smith and Ron Edwards, who were injured for much of the OTA sessions as well.

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Bob Gretz

Haley would not talk at all about those players who failed the conditioning test. The coach made the session off-limits to media and fans. He did indicate that a number of players will not be passed on the team physical for a number of reasons, and thus will be unable to practice Saturday morning.

Josh Looney at the Mothership

One of the main reasons the conditioning test was held was to ensure that players didn’t take a step back during their month-long break following OTAs. After today, it appears that they did not.

UW-RF staff

Haley said that he pays attention to what the guys are working on. "What my players are doing here is more important than what they're saying," Haley said. Haley said the running back's attitude has been no problem for him, and he can tell that Johnson really enjoys football. "Larry is a capable football player," Haley said.

Red Zone

"We don’t have anybody that’s real far off. That’s what I feel good about. None of these are long-term deals. We should have everybody going pretty soon," Coach Haley said.

"There will be a number of guys not practicing tomorrow. It won’t all be because of this part of the physical. This was part of our physical examination. We have a number of guys that won’t practice tomorrow, a handful I should say."