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Chiefs Conditioning Test is at 10:00 AM


Who won't pass the conditioning test? (via David Eulitt of the KC Star )

Update 2:15 PM: More on the conditioning test here and here.

The Kansas City Chiefs will take the field at 10:00 AM to mark the commencement of the 2009 training camp.  But they won't be running drills, conducting a walk-through or even lining up in any formations today.

They'll be tested.

The focus this offseason has been on conditioning.  How many times have we heard someone say they'll be in better shape this year than last?  Nearly every player interview has some reference to the conditioning directive handed down from above.  

'Be in shape...or else' is the message we get from the coaching staff.  That will be tested at 10:00 AM.  Courtesy of Bob Gretz, here's what that test will entail and then let's take a look at what Todd Haley said about the conditioning test back in OTAs.

The conditioning test has the players run 50 yards three consecutive times, then a one-minute break, then 50 yards three more times, a one-minute break, and then 50 yards three more times. The little guys like defensive backs and wide receivers have to run under 55 seconds. The running backs, tight ends, quarterbacks, linebackers have to do it in 58 seconds and the big boys on the offensive and defensive line get 62 seconds.

Here's what Haley had to say after all the Chiefs took the conditioning test the day OTAs ended.

"Everybody did not pass and the conditioning test will generally be part of the physical they have to pass (going into camp). So, they did not all pass but there were some guys who had some circumstances, whether it was injury or they couldn’t condition the way they need to, but everybody stepped up from where they were the first time they ran these tests."

It shouldn't be a problem for the rookies to pass the test....IF they stayed in shape.  Per Haley:

"The rookies I was very encouraged with – all the rookies made it, even Donald Washington who has been on his own. I was very encouraged."

Stick around as we'll be posting any more information we can gather on the conditioning test.

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