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Quotes and Notes from Chiefs Coach Todd Haley's Arrival in River Falls

Courtesy of the good folks at Metro Sports here in Kansas City, I just caught an interview with Todd Haley after stepping off the bus to River Falls.  A couple of these quotes overlap with what Mr. Gretz just gave us but there's a few more included.

Here are a few notes I took:

  • Todd Haley showed up in a full suit
  • Scott Pioli was present
  • Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel were there
  • Marty and Gunther never did the conditioning test

Metro Sports reporter and former Chief Kevin Lockett on the conditioning test:

It's overrated. I think guys need to come in, they're professionals, and you expect them to be at weight and do everything in terms of conditioning.

I don't think there's any recourse.  What happens if a guy doesnt pass the test?  If Tyson Jackson comes in, what are you gonna do? Not play him?

Local bartender interviewed:

When they see the prices, they fall in love with it.  $1?  $1 for a beer, that's it?

The girls like the Chiefs coming in town, too.

Hard hitting coverage for you here at Arrowhead Pride (courtesy of Metro Sports).  Quotes from Haley after the jump.

On the plane trip and bus ride:

It was very nice. It was nice to get back on a plane with the team.  Our last trip was kind of depressing, after the Super Bowl.

On the importance of the preparation ahead:

I think of great importance. Obviously when we play that game we won't be a finished product.  But that's part of the big push for the conditioning in the offseason so we can come in and practice efficiently right out of the gate.

Do you think the players are ready?

I really do.  In the last few days, we've had, 26 to 30 guys working out on their own. This week, while i've been working out, I've seen them in here.  They've been getting on the scale, working together, so it's a positive feeling from the guys.

On Tyson Jackson:

I'm just going to worry about guys that are here. It's football season so we're looking for football players.

Is the conditioning test mental or physical conditioning?

I think its both. I think that its a challenging enough test that you have to be working. It's not something where you can train for two days and pass. I think it's something that hangs over their head a little bit and keeps them working.

From what I've been seeing, it's something they've been working at.

On Matt Cassel:

He's just one of the guys that's competing for a spot. That's the truth. But I think what Matt's done is he's given himself every chance to succeed.  All last week he was in there running guys through routes on his own. I look out the window and there he was directing traffic. 

I think he's done everything he can at this point to give him a chance to succeed.

On his first training camp as a head coach:

I'm really, really excited. I'm going to have to try to temper myself.  Just knowing me, to try to stay calm, and know we can't do it all in one day. It's a process and I'm just really, really fired up. It's an exciting time in my life because this is a great organization.

On the conditioning test:

I want to see everyone pass the test, but before that I want to see eveyrone make weight.

On traveling to camp:

Everyday is going to be new. I'm thankful that I've been involved with teams where we did have to travel to camp. In Dallas we had to fly to Oxnard, CA, so that's about as long of a trip as you have to take. I wasn't the head coach obviously. We're all working on this together. I expect there to be some bumps and some chaos, but I expect to control the chaos pretty quickly. 

On the practice schedule:

They'll have some time. The two-a-days, that's what that's about . Giving them a chance to study and get some rest. Of course, they'll have curfew. That's why I liked that schedule when I was part of it in the past. That's the one I was kind of drawn to.  That's the best in my mind.