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Are the Chiefs Behind in Getting Draft Picks Signed?


I've said for a while that the only draft pick we have to worry about being signed, sealed and delivered for the Kansas City Chiefs departure for training camp on Thursday is third overall pick Tyson Jackson.  As the Chiefs stand now, Jackson and three others have yet to sign deals.

Is this normal compared to the rest of the NFL?  Let's take a look at how the rest of the league is doing with getting their draft picks signed.

Rd. 1 4 of 32 signed Tyson Jackson
Rd. 3 27 of 37 signed Alex Magee
Rd. 4 27 of 36 signed Donald Washington
Rd. 6 31 of 35 signed Quinten Lawrence

Save the first round, the Kansas City Chiefs are getting behind compared to the rest of the NFL.  Tyson Jackson will be the only player the team might have trouble getting into camp on time.  The others shouldn't be a sweat.  

Sometimes, these late round picks have less-experienced agents that are driving a hard bargain.  They'll push and push for a contract that's snug against the player in front of them to make themselves look better in regards to recruiting future players.  I was listening to Sirius NFL Satellite Radio the other day, and the hosts (Sorry, can't remember who) said a GM like A.J. Smith (Chargers) will go up to a sixth round pick and say, 'Here's your contract. Take it or leave it.  I'll be on the practice field.'

I'm not sure what the hold up is with Magee, Washington and Lawrence but I wouldn't worry about it.

Thanks to Mac's Football Blog for the numbers.

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