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Breakdown of Matt Cassel's Base Salaries


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Boring numbers below...

I know many of you aren't interested in the financial breakdown of our new quarterback's franchise record contract but for some reason this stuff intrigues me. I want to know the exact date roster bonuses are due and how much it is.  So many "football decisions" are made because of money.

For example, do you think the Chiefs would keep an underachieving player in year three of a deal when a roster bonus of $4 million is due the next week?

There's not a whole lot new here but we've learned that Matt Cassel's contract will include $43.25 million in base salaries over the life of the deal.  That means about $20 million or so will come in bonuses ($7.5 million of which will come in March 2011) in the first three years.

An easier breakdown:

  • Years 1-3 in base salaries: $21.5 million
  • Years 1-2 in bonuses: $11.25 million
  • Year 3 in bonuses: $7.5 million

These numbers are approximate and the best I can gather from the available information.

After the jump I've got a table with his base salaries for each season.

Year Base Salary
2009 $5 million
2010 $11.75 million
2011 $4.75 million
2012 $5.25 million
2013 $7.5 million
2014 $9 million
Total $43.25 million