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VIDEO: Todd Haley on Chiefs June 8th Practice


Via the Mothership (H/T to the Chiefs twitter). Transcript of the media session will be posted soon.

(Update 2:12 PM) Here are a few highlights.

Q: How do you see the wide receiver corps?

HALEY: "We need work. We definitely need work. We need to improve our execution of just the basic pass game right now. We’re having a hard time in some simple areas. We’re making plays; it’s just the execution has to pick up. Again, when you get a day like today and the wind is blowing pretty good and you might be going into it a bit it makes for a tougher day throwing the football. But we have to find ways, especially on days like this."

Q: Is the vision wrong? (Ed. Note: A followup to a question regarding Dwayne Bowe and his vision)

HALEY: "No, we’ve checked all those guys vision-wise. That’s not the problem."

Q: Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel were not here today after the mandatory mini-camp. Did you expect that?

HALEY: “Talked to both players and again, Donald Washington (graduating from Ohio State) should be showing up here pretty quick. Talked to both players, nothing was a surprise. We had a great turnout the day after five practices (mini-camp). They lifted very hard this morning and I know myself after a weekend like that it was hard for me to get out of bed. So, I was encouraged by the way a large number of guys got themselves in here and ready to have a good practice. ”

Click here for the entire transcript.

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