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Q&A with Todd Haley on Chiefs Final Day of Mandatory Mini-Camp

Transcript courtesy of the mothership. How in the world do they get those transcripts up so quickly?  Kudos to whoever types that up. 

I'll post the video here shortly when it's up on the official site.


Q: Has there been anybody who’s stood out in these three days to where you’re surprised?

HALEY: "Not so much from that standpoint, but a guy that stood out to me is Branden Albert. He’s a guy who came in way out of shape that we were all pretty disappointed in. He kind of let himself go when the season ended and probably in-season a little bit. But the guy’s got his nose to the grindstone and he’s lost a lot of weight and is getting much stronger and practicing with technique. I’m pretty excited about what the possibilities are for Branden.

"Now there are a lot of young guys that I didn’t know a lot about specifically on that defensive side of the ball – some of the linebackers and those guys who are changing positions that I’m encouraged by."

Q: What are your impressions of Jamaal Charles?

HALEY: "Jamaal was a player that I liked a lot coming out (of college) and as I’ve gotten to know him. He probably underperformed to the extent he wanted to last year. I think with Jamaal he’s gaining a little confidence. There’s no doubt he has ability but if he can get confidence in himself and raise his expectations up to where they should be I think Jamaal will be all right. But he’s done a great job in the off-season; he’s learning how to work. He’s getting bigger, stronger; he’s already fast. I think he’s starting to understand offensively what we’re trying to do running and in the pass game, specifically protection."

Q: Do you get any sense who’s ahead: offense or defense?

HALEY: "There’s such a long way to go. We made strides on both sides of the ball, I really believe that. I was encouraged defensively, especially since it’s a brand new scheme and new positions for guys and that those guys definitely in these last couple of days made strides and made marked improvement.

"Now, there’s no pads. A lot can change but as far as without pads and playing techniques and doing the things that they’re supposed to do, I think they made strides and that got me a little excited."

Click here for the entire transcript.

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