A couple changes can make all the difference. (offense)

I was sitting at work last night looking at Yahoo sports/ Pro Football weekly's NFL preview magazine for 2009. after looking at the broken down stats on the chiefs last season, its clear what the chiefs have to correct in order to be able to really suprise some teams this year.

looking at the offense first:

2008 averages per game:

Net Yards- 308.6 (4939 total) 3rd in AFC West

Rushing (plays)- 23.6 (375 total) 4th in AFC West

Rushing (yards)- 113.1 (1810 total) 3rd in AFC West

Passing yards- 195.5 (3129 total) 4th in AFC West

sacks(allowed) - 2.3 (37 total) 3rd in AFC West

Int. thrown- 1 (16 total) 3rd in AFC West

Fumbles lost- .5 (8 total) 1st in AFC West

yards penalized- 40.3 (739 yards total) 1st in AFC West

punts- 5 (82 total) 3rd in AFC West

what do the chiefs need to do?

1) The Chiefs need to find a way to run the ball more in games. running the ball keeps the clock moving which will help to keep the defense off the field and not be exhausted in the fourth quarter. when you run the ball only 375 times in a season, after L.J. ran for 416 in a season is just pathetic (my opinion). L.J was sidlined four games last year, but here is why they needed to run the ball none the less

Larry Johnson - 193 rush yards, 874 yards, 4.5 avg., 65yard run(longest run), 5TD's

Kolby Smith- 35 rushes, 100 yards, 2.9 avg., 19yard run(longest),1TD

Jammal Charles- 67 rushes, 357 yards, 5.3 avg., 30 yard run(longest) 0TD's

Tyler Thigpen- 62 rushes, 386yards, 6.2 avg., 32yard run (longest) 3 TD's

with L.J in the game and J.C in a change of pace, the chiefs were able to move the ball. the problem is that Herm Edwards/ Chan Gailey wouldnt run the ball. now i know you have to pass more when playing from behind, however, you cant abandon the run when your in the lead or even close to taking the lead. for example in week 7 vs. NYJ, we were in the lead in that game but lost 28-24. the chiefs only ran the ball 20 times! how in the hell can you confuse an opposing defense with only 20 running plays in a game? point is that Todd haley and his staff need to run the ball a little more that Herm and his staff did last year.

2) With Tony Gonzalez being taded to ATL, the chiefs need to have someone step up as a #2 reciever. D-Bowe did drop crucial passes last year, however, his stats still werent that bad. the problem is the drop pff behind him. with T.G gone Bradley, Webb, and Engram need to show up in games or D-Bowe will be irrevelant. here is a comparison with D-Bowe and the Drop off of production after him.

Bowe- 86 catches, 1,022 yards, 11.9 avg. 36 yard(longest catch) 7TD's

Bradley- 30 catches, 380 yards, 12.7 avg., 56 yard(longest catch) 3TD's

if bradley can stay healthy this year, he will be the #2 reciever. Engram will play slot (chifs version of Wes Welker for cassel). recievers need to step up, if they do and cassel can distribute the ball to all recievers both Bowe and Bradley could have a great year.

in my next post i will break down the defense. let me know what you think.

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