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An Outsider's Take on The Chiefs: The Raiders' Perspective

For the next in our Outsider's Take series, we turn to the beloved Raiders franchise to give us some perspective on what they see ahead for us. In case you missed it, we ran the Chargers perspective yesterday, so don't forget to check that out. In this edition, Richard from Silver and Black Pride gives us his idea of where the Chiefs are going in the next year or so and how he expects the Chiefs and Raiders to battle it out by 2011 for a playoff spot.

Q: Before any of the housecleaning took place, so to speak, what was the perception toward the Chiefs as to their legitimacy within the division (i.e. how concerned were you guys about the Chiefs within the division in the foreseeable future)?

We are always concerned. Because we are rivals and whenever our 2 teams play, no matter the records, it is usually a close , down-to-the-wire game. That being said, we are less concerned about the Chiefs, then the Chargers or Broncos. As far as how we viewed the Chiefs. I would say that, the results notwithstanding, we felt the Chiefs had an overall competent front office.

Q: Now that the dust of the offseason has largely settled, has that perception changed? Why or why not?

Well, it has not changed yet, as we don't know until the games are played. But, from a reputation point of view, adding Pioli certainly gives us cause for pause for what he may be capable of. I believe now though, that we will find out as to whether the success of the Patriots was Pioli or Belichick.

Q: What was the one or two moves the Chiefs pulled this offseason that upset you the most?

Well I don't know yet if we are upset, but I would say that it will be Cassell if he turns out to be the real deal. I do like (meaning I don't like) your latest move in getting Mike Brown provided he stays healthy.

Q. What are the primary one or two things, from your perspective, that still need to be done?

Still need some work along the defensive line, you might not have yet the right mix at linebacker for the 3-4 and even after adding Mike Brown the secondary looks suspect. And, I don't know your roster well enough to know if you adequately replaced Tony Gonzales, who will be sorely missed.

Q: Finally, what do you predict for the Chiefs over the next two NFL seasons?

Well, it's a tough schedule for the division, but I can see a 2-3 win improvement for the Chiefs this season. With Denver in meltdown mode and San Diego's window closing, I see the Chiefs and the Raiders on the rise and the two will probably be battling it out for a playoff spot for 2010 season.

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