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Kansas City Chiefs Will Keep Training Camp in Missouri for Ten Years

The Kansas City Chiefs and Missouri Western spent Thursday, Friday and Tuesday negotiating on multiple fronts   on a deal that would put Chiefs training camp at Western on a five year deal.  There would also be five one year options added to that.

Governor Jay Nixon's office almost sat on the money authorized to the Chiefs because they wouldn't commit to ten years at Western.  According to the St. Joe News, the Chiefs have reportedly given verbal agreement to keep training camp in Missouri for the next ten years, whether that be with Western or not.

But on Tuesday, Williams said the Chiefs and Western had agreed to five years in St. Joseph with one-year options for the next five years. In order to satisfy the state’s desire that the agreement be for a full 10 years, Williams added that the Chiefs agreed to keep their camp in Missouri for 10 years, even if they leave Western.

Missouri Western athletic director said the deal hasn't been finalized yet, adding that both sides are about $100,000 away.  

"Someone is going to give, because we lose $10 million, the Chiefs lose a net $14 (million) to $15 million and the state loses face."

As far as what will happen at the end of the original five year deal, Williams says both sides must agree to extend it beyond.

Either one can end it, but then (the Chiefs) would have to stay in the state of Missouri. The Chiefs have (verbally) agreed to that. I can’t speak exactly for the governor, but the governor’s staff, John Huff, who has been the negotiator, has said that that is acceptable.

The big news out of this is that the Chiefs training camp appears to be locked somewhere in Missouri for the next ten years.

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