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The Chiefs are Bringing in Veteran Safety Mike Brown for a Visit

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And the Scott Pioli strategy of filling out the roster with accomplished veteran NFL players continues:

The Kansas City Chiefs are bringing in the veteran safety for a visit today, according to a league source, in a move that would reunite him with first-year head coach Todd Haley, who was the Bears' receivers coach from 2001 to 2003.

The Bears let Brown's contract expire, and he has been a free agent for three months. Brown told another source he is motivated to prove he remains a starting-caliber player. His injury history includes a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the season opener at San Diego in 2007.

The Bears drafted Brown 39th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft. He was selected to the Pro Bowl in 2005 and was an All-Pro selection in 2001 and 2005. (Ed. Note: Table added by Primetime at 7:55 AM)

Year Games Played Interceptions Tackles Touchdowns
2000 16 1 80 1
2001 16 5 51 2
2002 16 3 78 1
2003 16 2 62 0
2004 2 0 9 1
2005 12 3 63 1
2006 6 0 19 1
2007 1 1 2 0
2008 15 2 57 0

The Kansas City Chiefs have their starters at safety - Jarrad Page and Bernard Pollard - but seriously lack depth at the position. Behind Page and Pollard, the Chiefs have veteran and defensive captain Jon McGraw, undrafted free agent Ricky Price and 2008 3rd round pick Dajuan Morgan. Brown would added some much need, Pioli style depth. Plus, like a Zach Thomas, Mike Brown will help the younger guys:

Brown is also noted by teammates and coaches for his on-field coaching ability. He made the NFL transitions much easier for his fellow safeties Chris Harris and Danieal Manning by making sure they were in the correct positions. Brian Urlacher often referred to him as the actual leader of the defense.

This is a Scott Pioli/Todd Haley signing to a T. Brown played for Chicago during Haley's tenure there as the wide recievers coach.

The big knock on Brown is his injury history, which is a big reason the Bears released him. Brown injured his Achilles in 2004; a Lisfranc fracture in 2006; knee injury in 2007; and a calf injury late in the 2008 season that soured the Bears on Brown and his new contract. The last year Brown completed an entire season injury free was 2003.

So, should the Chiefs sign Mike Brown? I say yes. It makes so much sense - from veteran leadership to depth. This is what Scott Pioli does best - find veterans, bring them into the fold and maximize their value.

For more reading, the Chicago Sun-Times has some Mike Brown career highlights listed here.

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