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Tyler Thigpen as a Rookie: Give Me #16

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With a hat tip to tomahawk44 in the FanShots, we get a pretty funny story from Tyler Thigpen's rookie year. Thigpen is helping out at a South Carolina football camp, teaching kids about football, life and presumably skeletons.

In his usual self-deprecating manner, Thigpen told a story about choosing his jersey number during his rookie season:

"I asked for 16, and they were like, 'well, you can ask Len Dawson for it,' " Thigpen said. "At the time, I didn't really know who Len Dawson was, but I figured (the number) must be retired."

And when asked about Matt Cassel, Thigpen gave us the line he's been saying pretty much since Cassel became a Chief:

"They've got a lot of money invested in (Cassel), and I'm comfortable being behind him," Thigpen said. "I'm going to support him and do anything that I can to make him better. I'm a team player and not just an individual."

Head here to read the entire article.

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