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Will The Chiefs Ever Make the Big Acquisition?

The big free agent splash. Every fan in every city of all 32 NFL franchises holds their breath for their GM to be the one to strike while the iron is hot. When a linebacker like Ray Lewis or Bart Scott hits the open market, every team pictures the star in their team colors and a uniform being held up during the glorious press conference. Then, when one team is declared the winner, the rest of us sulk back and hope we're not left without when the curtain falls.

Rinse, repeat.

It's the same thing every year. And it's a mad scramble that the same few teams seem to "win" each season. The Redskins always seem to walk away with a prized possession or two (even if it doesn't lead to anything good). The Jets, under GM Mike Tannenbaum, have demonstrated the ability to step up and grab their target each of the last two off-seasons. Al Davis & Co. always unfold their wallets for "top-shelf" acquisitions like Javon Walker, Derrick Burgess, etc. And of course, while a lot of this movement doesn't mean anything in the final standings, it can still be a bit frustrating to watch your team do absolutely nothing when the needs are so obvious and such players are available.

So what is the right time for a team to strike for that big free agent? When Randy Moss became available for a mid-round pick, it was the Patriots - those beloved storers of draft choices - who pounced at the perfect time. How did they know when to go for it, when the very team they plucked him from thought they were getting their own prize upon acquiring him?

When will it be time for the Chiefs to shore up their receiving corps by playing the right cards to grab an Anquan Boldin or sign a Plaxico Burress? How much cap room do we need sitting around before we pony up for an Albert Haynesworth and shock the football world? Is there a balance in first having enough of a foundation laid before you take that on, or should we grab the big guns early and accelerate the rebuilding process?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the Chiefs and their ability or inability to grab the high-profile, high-talent acquisition. When is the right time in the life of a franchise to do so? And do you think the Chiefs should have already been active in this facet of the off-season?

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