Cassel has amazing inteview in "The Jungle"

I am curious to hear if anyone else caught the Matt Cassel intiew on the Jim Rome talk show today? It was a very impressive interview in which Cassel spoke of his continuing good relationship with Tom Brady. He stated that not only did Brady take him under his wing, but he continues to call and keep a relationship allowing them to help each other out and pick each others brain.

He also noted that he was very impressed with Larry Johnson. He said of everyone on the team it was his ability and work ethic that are shining through this off season. Hopefully this is a new chapter in the LJ saga that will lead our chiefs to more than a few 100+ yard wins this season.

Cassel was also obliged to answer a question on what impact "fiery"' head coach Haley has had so far. He responded with "He has never seen a coach so involved' with workouts during the offseason, Matt spoke on how he was always there challenging and pushing all players during workouts and the studying sessions. He even went so far as to say the environmet was very similair to his years with the Pats organization.

Sorry i dont have a link to interview, but i'm only home for lunchbreak and wanted to post some info. if anyone could find it and help me out, i would greatly appreciate it as it would be well worth the content. But i must leave you with this question.

Does this interview leave the rest of you as hungry for the season as I am?

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