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What Is The Chiefs Biggest Area of Need?

The holes are everywhere. That's an obvious statement. On any team in any sport that goes 2-14, the level of talent is going to be subpar. So the sentiment was - for both fans and the front office: Let's Get To Work.

But now the free agency frenzy is over for the most part. June 1st cuts were nothing to look forward to in this admittedly weird year with the collective bargaining (dis)agreement looming. The 2009 draft is in the rearview mirror and now everyone's going home for some R&R. So with the dust settled, this seems the perfect time to ask the question: What is the single biggest area of need on the Kansas City Chiefs at this point in the off-season?

You could make a solid case for a lot of different areas. The non-existent pass rush that resulted in a league record low 10 sacks doesn't seem to bother our new front office. The linebacking corps that was nearly embarrassing to watch on the field only added the grizzled veterans who were unwelcome on their previous teams. The offensive line added a bit of depth and a journeyman guard, but pissed off our other one. Any other receivers not named Bowe are still as enigmatic as they were before and that's before we traded our surest hands in Tony Gonzalez. Our special teams have been anything but special, yet we didn't really seem to grab the flair in the return game. The list goes on and on.

So what do you think is our biggest need? And are the players still available out there to do something about it before training camp begins? Hit us back in the comments.

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