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Overrated/Underrated: Chiefs Edition

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In an exercise that has been done twice before (Here and here), we take a look at a few things are that are overrated and underrated.  This time, however, it's Pro Football Weekly that's been doing a series on miscellaneous topics using the overrated/underrated model.

The topics range from how to develop a quarterback, out-of-work coaches and 2009 NFL story lines.

For me an overrated/underrated view of the 2009 Chiefs in general would be:

Overrated: Immediate impact of the switch to the 3-4

Underrated: Effect of Mike Goff on the right side of the offensive line

Of course, there are many that will disagree with me but that's the beauty of this exercise. 

Click through to see Pro Football Weekly's version of overrated/underrated and chime in your thoughts in the comments section.

Strategy for developing young quarterbacks

Overrated: Treating a young QB with kid gloves

Underrated: Full-scale immersion

I'm always going to go the cautious route.  Keep in mind, the play of Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan certainly is the exception not the rule.  For the Chiefs, Damon Huard was a better option than Brodie Croyle in the most recent quarterback competition.

Available head coaches

Overrated: Mike Shanahan

Underrated: Marty Schottenheimer

This is about right.  The last ten years Marty hasn't been much better than Shanahan but he had a hand in with the success of the Chargers.

Offensive coordinator

Overrated: Cowboys' Jason Garrett

Underrated: Falcons' Mike Mularkey

Garrett has to be one of the most overrated.  He was the subject of a lot of head coaching rumors two hiring cycles ago.  But in the fallout of the most recent coaching purges, his name wasn't floated as much.


Overrated: AFC South

Underrated: NFC West

The Colts are still the class of the South until proven otherwise.  Winning at least 12 games in six consecutive seasons will get the attention even though the Titans are coming off a playoff berth.  As far as the NFC West goes, if Matt Hasselbeck is healthy and plays well, the Seahawks and Cardinals could both be in the playoffs.

Coaching staff

Overrated: Head coach

Underrated: Strength and conditioning coach

Uhh...I think Haley is trying hard to prove the under right.

2009 NFL story line

Overrated: Brett Favre's on-again, off-again future - AGAIN!!!

Underrated: The effects of changes in the NFL pension plan for coaches

I got over Favre-mania back in February.

It's Game Time.

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