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Chiefs One of Ten Teams That Haven't Signed a Draft Pick

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of ten teams that haven't officially signed a draft pick.  Reports came out last Wednesday that the team was close to signing 7th round draft pick and Mr. Irrelevant Ryan Succop.

Connerman confirmed this through Succop's agent, Joel E. Turner of Carolinas Sports Management.  The contract, per Turner, was to be signed on Friday because a Chiefs executive had to leave earlty on Wednesday during negotiations.

Five days later and there's no announcement of the contract from One Arrowhead Drive and no record of a contract from NFLPA records.  I don't doubt that a deal is all but done but it's interesting to note the Chiefs delay in making the announcement.

If I'm understanding this correctly, according to Article XIV, Section 5(a) of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Chiefs would have two days to deliver the contract to the league's Management Council, who in turn would have two days to submit it to the NFLPA.  If we're going by "business days", this would mean the deal would be officially complete Wednesday afternoon (if signed on Friday).

That said, there's a Standard Player Contract that says the contract must be sent to the commissioner within ten days of being signed (H/T to PFT for the CBA details).  I'm not real clear on which is the correct procedure.

So that's the story on the Chiefs only imminent signing.

Click through for a run down of a list of the nine other teams that haven't signed a draft pick along with a(nother) look at when the Chiefs might sign their draft picks.

The Chiefs aren't alone.  Nine other teams have not signed a draft pick either (Number of draft picks in parentheses):  Buffalo Bills (8), Carolina Panthers (7), Cleveland Browns (8), Dallas Cowboys (12), Indianapolis Colts (8), Jacksonville Jaguars(9), New Orleans Saints (4), Oakland Raiders (7), St. Louis Rams (7)

(H/T to the always resourceful Mac's Football Blog for the signing status)

Nothing to glean from this list.  Some of the best (Bill Polian) and worst (Al Davis) GMs are on here.

Here's a look at when the 2008 draft picks in the same slot as the Chiefs 2009 picks were signed (Note: Too many factors like player, agent and GM to make an accurate prediction off of this but interesting nonetheless).

2008 Pick Date Signed 2009 Chiefs pick
#3 May 20th ???
#67 July 21st ???
#102 July 25th ???
#139 July 9th ???
#175 June 21st ???
#211 June 26st ???
#237 July 18th ???
#252 Not signed June 17th?

Last year, Carl Peterson had his first draft pick signed on June 11st.  No more than a week later another pick was signed.  Scott Pioli has come close to that date reportedly agreeing to terms with Succop on June 17th.


Here are a few more places we've talked about the 2009 draft picks being signed.

Contract of Chiefs first round draft pick taking shape

The first and fifth picks have been signed which begins to build the beginnings of a ceiling and a floor for Tyson Jackson's contract.

When will the 2009 Chiefs draft picks agree to contract terms?

We take a look at a table sorted by round when each Chiefs draft pick for the last five years was signed.  We also did the same thing with the Patriots to gain a better understanding of when Scott Pioli might get his picks signed.

Floor, ceiling set for one Chiefs contract

The players picked directly before and after fifth round pick Colin Brown have been signed.  We can pretty much nail down his contract at this point.

What can the Chiefs expect to pay their rookies?

We looked at the total value and signing bonus of the contracts signed at the same slot in the previous year and attempt to predict what the 2009 Chiefs rookie contracts will look like.

Working the Chiefs rookies into the salary cap

Last year's rookies picked in the same slot as the Chiefs 2009 rookies ate up about $5.2 million in salary cap space.  Since the Chiefs are so far under the cap, that number could be significantly higher this year.

Can the Chiefs expect first round pick Tyson Jackson to hold out of training camp?

Agent Eugene Parker has a history of clients that hold out of training camp for bigger contracts.

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