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Chiefs Tight End Brad Cottam Talks About Upcoming Training Camp

The Kansas City Star caught up with Brad Cottam earlier this week and asked him a few questions about training camp and the new regime. You can watch the video here.

Nothing earth shattering here from Cottam. After the jump, check out the notes I made while I watched it.

Q: Is there pressure there, since you're trying to become the next starting tight end?

A: Sure there's some pressure. It's good to have all of this competition and everything. There's nothing I'm going to do different. I'm going to keep working hard and keep my head in there mentally and do everything I can to stay in shape.

Q: Is it frustrating that you haven't been named the starting tight end?

A: You can't expect anybody to say anything. You don't really know anything until we're in pads. It's better for everybody that it's a competition.

Q: What do you expect this training camp to be like?

A: [Laughs] I don't know. It's's my second year and I don't know exactly what to expect. But the same thing we've been going through. High tempo. It's just as anything, it will be in pads. Two a days...

Q: What was Coach Haley's message to you before you left for the break?

A: The biggest thing was stay in shape. We're going to be doing that test, to pass the physical. The big thing is show up in shape and be at the weight you're supposed to be at.

Q: Do you like going to River Falls for training camp?

A: It's a little bit cooler so that makes it nice. It gets old going back to a dorm room but that's just something you gotta deal with. Practicing up north, where it's cooler, definitely helps you get through practice. It has it's advantages and disadvantages.

Q: Will it be nicer being closer to the fans for training camp next year?

A: Yeah, I think so. Being closer to the fans. More people can come out. It will be better for them. Wherever we are, we're going to get worked. But it will a little side for the fans to come see us.

Watch the video here.

It's Game Time.

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