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Tweeting about Chiefs Head Coach Todd Haley

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley probably doesn't tweet...(at least not that often).  (Photo via <a href="">Rich Sugg of the KC Star)</a>
Chiefs head coach Todd Haley probably doesn't tweet...(at least not that often). (Photo via Rich Sugg of the KC Star)

As I was perusing the search term "Chiefs" on Twitter the other day, I came across Sam Farmer of the LA Times asking if any Chiefs fans had any questions for Todd Haley.  Farmer was talking to the Kansas City Chiefs head coach "in a few minutes" at about 11:00 AM. 

There were a handful of questions I found from other tweeters:

  • Will LJ be a chief wk1?
  • What will charles' role be?
  • How will he get pressure on passer?
  • How does he feel longterm w/ OLD lbs?

Yes, for those of you who are unfamiliar that is "Twitter Talk".  Some say it's the downfall of communication as we know it, while I say "Give me my news and give it to me now!" Unfortunately, Mr. Farmer did not ask Haley Chris' question,  "What sports blogs does Haley read?"

Anyway, here's what Farmer had to say following his exchange with Haley:

Haley says he's most excited about Chiefs finally getting into shape. Branden Albert, for instance, has gone from 345 to 303. Even some abs.

On Brian Waters: "It's getting closer.. We had a good conversation the day he left. The guy can play. He's going to look at it with an open mind."

Totally diff offense than AZ. "I don't think we could win that way. We aren't good enough outside. But our RB group we're really excited abt

Lastly, so far so good with Larry Johnson. That could have been an explosive situation, but it looks like his buy-in factor is high.

Farmer then goes on to cite the Chiefs first half schedule as a reason for 6-10 being a "glass-half-full" perspective.  From what I've read, Sam Farmer's got a pretty good reputation and seems to be a viable source in the vast arena of the NFL.  If I were presented six wins, I would probably bet the over knowing full well I'm about as big of a homer as there is.

We're getting all kinds of tidbits of information via Twitter, big and small (In fact, NBA PF Kevin Love recently broke the news via Twitter that his coach Kevin McHale was not coming back), so go ahead and sign up for an account and follow Arrowhead Pride.  The more people we have out there talking Chiefs, the better. Chris just got a job in the social media realm so expect more interaction in the coming weeks on the AP Twitter account as he learns more and more about it.

Many thanks to for the tweets!

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