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VIDEO: Tyler Thigpen on Competing for the Chiefs Starting QB Spot


From the Kansas City Star, we get about two minutes of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Tyler Thigpen talking about the other QB, Matt Cassel. I would like to note before you watch it that I think this is the thickest I've heard Thigpen's South Carolina accent be since I he's been a Chief.

Here are a couple of snippets I've summed up in my own words from the clip:

I feel like I've come a long way.

Both Gailey and Haley have reiterated what I need to work on. The biggest thing is accuracy and consistency.

Q: Do you still feel like this is an open competition?

A: Right now I'm not sure if it's a competition. Right now its about going and competing, making each other better.

Q: With Cassel taking reps with the first team, does that mean he has the starting job locked up?

A: Yeah, part of me feels like he's got that spot locked up. But I'm not going to sit back and say he's got the #1 and I've got the #2. I'm going to go out there each and everyday to push him, to make him better.

Q: With training camp coming up, do you think you can take the starting job from Matt Cassel?

A: Man, you fishing for that one, aren't you? I'm just going to come out each and everyday and work hard. If I push myself and work as hard as I can work, the rest is going to take care of itself.

Q: Do you feel more confident having gone through last season, taking all of those reps?

A: I'm feel a lot more confident. Like I said before, there are still things I need to work on.I'm know I'm never going to get complacent.

Watch the video at the Star's web site.

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