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Broncos' Marshall Skips Mandatory Camp; Chiefs Fans Laugh (Again)



Ho, ho, ho.  Things just keep getting better in Denver.  Back on March 16th, Chris talked about then Bronco Jay Cutler asking to be traded.  The title was eerily similar to the one I've just posted:

Denver QB Jay Cutler Asks to be Traded; Chiefs Fans Laugh

Now, we laugh again.

The best weapon remaining on the team, Brandon Marshall, is skipping mandatory mini-camp, according to Mike Klis of the Denver Post.  Marshall is supposedly looking for a new deal.  Great timing, right?  Here's what Mile High Report commenter PredominantlyOrange had to say on the subject over at MHR:

You’ve got an obvious attempt to change the culture of the locker room. Brandon Marshall has now decided to buck that by asking for more money when its not reasonable to expect it— he’s still facing a possible suspension, he hasn’t showed that he can be durable and he has not proved that he can excell in the new scheme. To me, the horrible timing of this move would be obvious to a brain injured monkey.

Thus, I can only conclude that the only thing Brandon Marshall can be thinking is that any outcome is acceptable to him, including a departure from Denver. In fact, a reasonable man might expect this move to end his Denver career. I think Brandon Marshall is a reasonable man.

I am having a really hard time with something that I need you all to help me with.  What's better - The Chiefs offseason acquisitions of Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel or the Broncos loss of Jay Cutler and now this latest Brandon Marshall development?

It's Game Time.

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