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Todd Haley Talks about Matt Cassel, His Son and Kansas City BBQ

I would like to point out that Coach Haley is freshly shaven in this picture taken from yesterday's press conference.

A couple of days ago, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was interviewed on the Saucy Spin Afternoon Show over at BlogTalkRadio. The slow talking coach mused on a number of topics with the East coast hosts. And if the show didn't auto play when I embed the audio code, I'd post it for you right here. But it doesn't so check out the podcast here.

Here are few notes on the interview. The quotes are in quotes and the rest of paraphrasing by me. It's a good 20 minute, Friday listen. Much of it contains the typical head coach responses but its nice to continue to get a feel for our new head coach.

HOST: I think Chiefs will compete with Chargers for division title.

"The way we're doing is it the right way. We're trying to do it for the long haul."

On Matt Cassel...

Matt Cassel has the potential to be a special player. Kurt Warner was the best I was around. Toughness, leadership, Warner was best.

"2008 was the best year of my life. My son was born last year."

Cassel is smart and loves football. That's all he wants to talk about.

On bringing in veterans...

"We're not setting a time table. We're doing everything we can to win every game we can."

Bringing in the veterans is important to show the young guys how to prepare.

Between this home field advantage that we have, we can squeeze out our home games and win a couple on the road.

On paper bringing in veterans helps. It was critical we brought these guys on board. Once they buy in, it makes everything easier. Zach Thomas is clearly one of our hardest workers.

Derrick Johnson is following Zach around. If Zach stops, Derrick bumps into him.

HOST: You have to be pinching yourself - your first job is in football country. Do you pinch yourself every morning now that you're the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs?

My drive to work, the last mile, I can see Arrowhead on the hill. I realize what an opportunity it is. I want to make the guys who mentored me over the years proud and I want to make Kansas City proud.

No place tougher to play in the NFL than Kansas City.

On the tight end position...

I like our competition at tight end. Haven't named a starter yet. Picked up a couple of guys I've had past experience with. I think we'll be alright.

On Anquan Boldin...

I love Anquan. We had two great years together. He was very productive. The emotion of the game got blown out of proportion in our sideline dispute. Anquan is a heck of a player. Probably the toughest player I've ever been around. You can't match his toughness. I'd be fighting for him if he was more available.

HOST: Let's talk about the AFC v. NFC. Is there more of an open up, air attack in the AFC? Is the NFC more grind out?

I don't know. I think the whole league is in transition for a lot of different reasons. So much of the spread offense in college, its hard to find the types of players you need to play 2 backs, 3 backs. Teams are generally going in the pass attack direction because of this.

Clearly what gave us the best chance to win in Arizona was spreading it out. I don't try to fit square pegs in round holes. I don't know what we'll see from Kansas City. We'll be able to run the ball a bit.

HOST: What year of professional coaching are you in?

3 years in personnel and 13 years coaching.

I love the guys in Arizona. I really enjoyed the last two years.

When the job came up, it was tough. I have five kids, four daughters and a baby boy.

HOST: What's going on with Matt Leinart? Does he have what it takes to be a big leaguer?

I don't want to comment. I wouldn't want someone talking about my quarterback.

HOST: Tough schedule for the Chiefs.

Tell me about it.

HOST: Ravens, Cowboys, Pittsburgh later on in the year. This is almost the type of schedule - it's almost like a death march.

I don't know how we got this one. Every year is new. You don't know how these teams are going to be. Hopefully we can fly under the radar.

HOST: How are the steaks, BBQ?

BBQ, steaks, everything. It's killing me. I ballooned up here. Great Italian in Kansas City too.


Listen to the whole interview over at BlogTalkRadio.

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