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Chiefs' Thigpen: 'Some Players Took Advantage of the Freedom Herm Edwards Gave Us'

For the past three years, Kansas City Chiefs fans have been subjected to Hermisms, press conferences where the coach talked a lot without saying anything and a general feeling that there was a lack of accountability around One Arrowhead Drive. Maybe that's because, you know, there wasn't any accountability.

In an appearance on Sirius Satellite Radio, Tyler Thigpen told Bryan McGovern and Ross Tucker that he felt some players took advantage of this. I was listening to the show but here's Tucker's latest Tweet:

Chiefs QB Tyler Thigpen just told us that he felt like some of the players took advantage of the freedom that Herm Edwards gave them.

We're only four and a half months into the Scott Pioli and Todd Haley era but we've quickly realized that there is assuredly a level of accountability with the "new" Chiefs.

  • David Macklin was arrested for DUI. Five days later he was released.
  • Michael Merritt was arrested (over just a little bit of weed?). 19 days later he was released.
  • Will Franklin reportedly showed up to mini-camp overweight. He was released.

I'm not trying to hold resentment against the previous regime because at this point it doesn't really matter. A cynic might say I posted this to take a shot at Herm Edwards (Hint: You may be partially right). But it's also interesting to note that for a player like Branden Albert, who was on the Red Zone Podcast today, have said that Herm was a coach who conducted toned down practices. At least comparative to the reports coming out of Haley's practices.

S Bernard Pollard:

"They hold everybody accountable. So if you mess up, they’re gonna call you out. That’s the thing with this coaching staff, they’re not going to hold anything back."

LB Derrick Johnson:

"I like the coaches. They are very passionate about what they do. There’s an energy around the Chiefs right now. There’s a lot of change going on. Everybody is adjusting and we are ready to go."

NT Tank Tyler:

"Well, I wouldn’t say that. I’ve had some conversations with Coach Haley and he’s a real cool dude but an intense coach. He’s strictly business and that’s a good thing."

DE/DT Glenn Dorsey:

"I won’t say he’s different. He’s really hands on. He doesn’t play any bull. He’s real straight forward. He tells you like it is. He don’t sugarcoat anything. If you ain’t doing good, he’s gonna tell you. He’s straightforward and I like him. He’s no nonsense, man. He’s ready to win."

LB Zach Thomas:

"I think he's doing great with the team. He’s tough and that’s what you need. He’s trying to get the mindset changed here and he does make you a little uncomfortable – which is good. You need that."


That's half the defense on record talking about the intensity of Todd Haley and his practices. That's gotta count for something come September.

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