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Listen to Chiefs LT Branden Albert on the Red Zone Podcast

Branden Albert is being viewed as a key cornerstone in the Chiefs rebuilding efforts.  (Photo Source - <a href=""></a>)
Branden Albert is being viewed as a key cornerstone in the Chiefs rebuilding efforts. (Photo Source -

Kansas City Chiefs left tackle Branden Albert appeared on the Red Zone Podcast with Soren Petro.  The show talked about a variety of topics but focused (of course) on Brian Waters for part of it. 

The only "news" to come out of this is that Waters did indeed attend the offseason program last season.  To recap, here's what the Pro Bowl guard told reporters at last Friday's mandatory mini-camp:

"Look guys, I'm never here in the offseason, pretty much. I'm never here." 

Pretty much.

Click below to listen to the podcast or follow the jump where I've made notes on the interview.


H/T ArrowSpread in the FanShots for posting the original link

"You can tell there's been a big change in the organization.  It's a big turn around.  But it's a turn around for the good."

On Todd Haley

"He's a pretty good coach.  He demands and expects a lot out of the players." 

"Very demanding.  He wants everyone to perform at the level they should."

New offensive system - how different will it be?

"Got Matt Cassel, some veteran receivers.  Bobby Engram should help the young guys come along.  Some of the things we're doing last year we're still doing but we got a new offensive line coach and a new receivers coach."

On change in offensive line coach

"Some things are the same job, some things are not.  This new coach, Bill Muir, he's old school and has been around for a while.  He's very experience and very knowledgeable."

"Trying to transform what he gives me and make myself a better player."

On becoming a unit as an offensive line

"You take a mental picture of what you've got to be."

"When you put the pads, that's when the chemistry comes along."

"That's when you've gotta be a tough guy (when the pads are on)."

On Brian Waters

"He was at the OTAs last year."

"He didn't feel like he had to be here but I don't speak for him.  He's a veteran that knows the game and he'll play the game when the time comes."

"He's my mentor."

Mike Goff has some good tattoos...

How different will the offense look (went from running to pistol to)

"More of a passing offense this year.  We got a new quarterback but we've still got Larry Johnson, who is still arguably one of the best running backs in the league and I think he'll prove it this year."'

"We'll be more balanced."

On Matt Cassel

"He had one year experience last year and did pretty good.  He's doing real well in the OTAs and is showing what kinda leader he is."

"With his addition, he's going to help the team a lot."

On getting to know the quarterback

"Big difference" when it comes to scrambling quarterback like Thigpen vs. in the pocket like Cassel

On the veteran additions

"They've been around the league and have winning experiences and can help us."

On new attitude

"People are more focused and more determined."

"The intensity of practice and working out has picked up and it has changed for the good."

On losing 338 lbs. as a team

"Last year that cost us finishing games."

"If we're not finishing games, it's gotta be mental or physical conditioning."

"I feel a lot better."

On his best playing weight

"The least I ever weighed was 310."

"I can play at that (310) weight."

On last year and improving

"Last year I was pretty decent."

"Where I"m at right now is to become a better professional football player."

"When I'm there, I can help us win a championship.  Once I get there, I can help us win."

On expectations

"No (we don't talk about how many games we'll win)."

On looking at next year's schedule

"Not yet. I don't think we really worry about that right now.  When the time comes we'll worry about it."

On season opener

"We'll focus on it when training camp starts."

Why Virginia?  "Only school recruited me coming out of high school."  (Moved to Maryland his Jr. year of high school.)

Better LT, him or Eugene Monroe?  "Both good." 

Better basketball player, Kobe or LeBron?  "Apparently it's Kobe Bryant.  LeBron is more talented, probably the most talented player to ever play the game.  Overall experience and how to play the game, it's Kobe."

Can you dunk on Kobe?  "Oh, yeah.  Definitely."

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