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June 2009 Clark Hunt Approval Rating

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Now I know some of you are getting a tad annoyed with approval posts on owners and coaches that don't really have a lot of juicy info on them recently.


Like Primetime said this morning, this will be more valuable when we have 10-12 months of polls, over the course of a season, to evaulate what the fans are thinking. We're thinking long term, baby.

For now, get your votes in and know that you're contributing to an rather unprecedented (albeit unscientific) collection of data on the pulse of Kansas City Chiefs fans.

Here's a few stories that Clark Hunt was involved in over the past month:

Here are previous month's results:

June 2009: ???

May 2009: 91%

April 2009: 96%

March 2009: 94%

Feb. 2009: 91%

Vote in the poll below!