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Announcement on the Chiefs' Undrafted Free Agents Should Come Soon

2008 UDFA Maurice Leggett was a welcome addition to the Chiefs' defense last year.
2008 UDFA Maurice Leggett was a welcome addition to the Chiefs' defense last year.

I'm starting to get used to this whole Scott Pioli, Patriot Way secrecy thing.

We waited over a month a half for QB Matt Cassel's first press conference as a Kansas City Chief. Pioli claimed he knew nothing of a report about Cassel's contract details, despite the report coming from a pretty legitimate source on the subject.

News out of One Arrowhead Drive has been reduced to a trickle. It appears the usual attendees of the Chiefs' press conferences are being shut out of information. It's a tight ship over there.

Bob Gretz had some good insight on this subject yesterday during his excellent Q&A session. In response to a question from our very own Primetime, Gretz had this to say on the change in level of access he's experienced:

Less access, but then that was expected no matter what the change in administration. I think eventually, the Pioli Chiefs will loosen up a little bit. it comes down to building relationships; over a period of time the people in charge know the people hanging around the building and make a judgment to whether they want to speak off the record or not. It’s about relationships and those don’t get formed over four months.

This initial skepticism by the Chiefs' front office is one more reason that I'm not really surprised that the Kansas City Chiefs are one of three teams not to have announced their undrafted free agent signings yet.

Through various sources that have proven to be solid places to go for info, we've found about a dozen or so rookie free agents that the Chiefs have reportedly come to terms with or have invited to their rookie mini-camp, which starts tomorrow.

In the past, the Chiefs have promptly announced their post-draft free agent additions. Going back to 2003, the latest the Chiefs have announced their signings has been May 7th.

While checking out the dates the Patriots signed their undrafted free agents over the years, I think it's pretty safe to guess that the announcement is coming soon. The latest the team announced their signings over the last few years was May 8th.

Bob Gretz thinks that the announcement could come today or tomorrow:

I would expect the Chiefs will slip that out either Thursday or Friday, sometime late afternoon like they announce all their moves. Again, teams are limited to 80 signed players. Right now the Chiefs have 74 on their roster, but that’s really only 66 since 8 are draft choices without contracts. That leaves room for 14 UDFAs, unless they open more spots among those guys already on board.

My question for you is: How accurate do you think our list of rumored UDFAs is?

In my experience blogging, I have to say I think it's pretty darn accurate. The Pioli machine isn't totally leak proof.

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