Whats Next For Dorsey?

As a 6’1 315lb DE in a 3-4 defense I see Glen Dorsey becoming one of the biggest draft bust in Chiefs histosry, which is littered with draft bust (far too many to name).  But If Dorsey can become a 6’1 330lb NT who can use his speed, athletisim and strength to command the middle of the NFL’s newest 3-4 defense.

To be totally honest I don’t know Glen Dorsey’s true weight and apparently no one knows because web sites including the chiefs have him listed any where between 308-320lbs which tells me that getting up to 320 shouldn’t be a problem (he can always hangout with me for a few meals).

I think Dorsey knows that he can’t play DE in this defense and I also think Todd Haliey knows that as well which is why they are both going around blowing smoke up the media’s ass saying he’s going to be a DE.

Trust me when I say this, on opening day in Sept Glen Dorsey will be the starting Nose Tackle for the Chiefs and he will weight 320-330LB. Glen Dorsey is the most talented DT the chiefs have and like all players he has the ability to gain weight so that he can be a commanding force in the middle. Outside of transforming Dorsey into a NT the chiefs don’t have many options with him, trading a top 5 pick who only had one sack in his rookie season is hard, not only does he have a high cap number but teams will be unsure of the return.

I know many people on AP have gone back in forth about Dorsey in the last four months but one think we can say about the guy, he gave 100% on every play always running to the ball and he was prob. Playing out of position. I think that with the proper weight traininig and coaching Dorsey and be the next Casey Hampton but if they put him at DE he will be the next Junior Savia..

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